Spamedica / Scammed for 100 dollars !

1 66 Avenue Rd Suite 4, Toronto, ON, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: +1 877-915-5168

I had a tattoo removal consultation with dr zel krajden on Sept 9th 2014, 2:30pm @ spa medica.It lasted all of 4 minutes with him ending that his staff will contact me with a quote and to book my appointment. This 4 minute consultation cost me 100 dollars. No one called me. I even wrote an email to laurel McClure wondering what the delay was with receiving my quote the little doctor promised me. Did she respond back you ask, nope she did not! Now I feel hustled and scammed for 100 dollars. Is spa medica that hurting for money that bad? I want my money back and that establishment and zels 4 minutes is definitely not worth a penny of my money


Sep 30, 2014

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