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space travel / no credit

1 India

Company Name = Space travel
Company Contact = Bharati Dossa and Avni Bajaj
Company Address = Nanabhay Mansion, Sir P.M.Road, Fort,
City = mumbai
State/Prov = Other
Zip2 = 400001
Country = India
Company phone =
Incident = i have dealt with this agency number o times october of 2008 they booked 2 of my tickets and i paid them the money via wire trf from my country to theirs ...the trf rate was diff from what was told me, officially we have a diff rate, which was found out later by me ...they also switched the date of the 2 tickets these 2 tiks wer for my employees and they didnt issue it to me on the date promised resulting in tremendous loss, this also was found out by me when my employees reached to get the ticket !!!on asking the agent avni and bharati they both played a cat and a mouse game where in they blamed each other, and when i showed them my correspondence ie emails where they had committed a date and later changed it, they didnt have much to say they had a credit, which they had to refund bk to me, . ..till today the money hasnt reached me ...only false promises once again in may my employee was to fly from stkitts to india ...his route was skb-sx
m-ams-india...on reaching skb airport my employee finds out that his ticket (for which i have already paid in march to avni/bharati)was never issued ...within few hrs was his connecting flite from sxm to mum ...but after a lot of begging we got a seat from skb to sxm ...once again i was left starnded by these 2 agents of space travel !!!i booked a fresh ticket to get my employee to sxm ...on asking for my money bk from bharati dosa, for the ticket that they chgd me for and never existed, all she says until now ie more than 2 mths later that only when she sees a credit from the airlinewill she refund my money ...
now she has a few thousands which they owe me from last yr and this trip ...for no fault of mine i have been made to have my employees left high and dry few days or hrs before there flite and all i get is false promises, more lies and a bad attitude ...i would request ur board to either tell them to go do a highway robbery !!if they seem so desperate for money ...this is very very unfair and nothing short of taking ones money on a gunpoint ...
Damage Resulting = my employees in oct 08 were to reach here on a certain date, tickets were booked on a date 2 weeks later, i wasted many phone calls energy and precious business time ...again in may 09 i had to pay more money to have a ticket issued as when my employee reached to check in on liat from skb to sxm he found out that his ticket dosent exist ie was never issued ..resulting in me buying ticket at a higher price, my waste of time when i was at my business which is sasonal, stress aggrevation and until now my money ie credit from last yr and this yr never given bk to mect me with a solution on
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