Soutth Georgia medical center / Emergency room doctors

My son, who is two, had a little knot on his chest Saturday night. He wasn't hurting or anything like that but we decided to take him the to emergency room just to make sure everything was ok. We get there and tell them that he has a knot that kinda feels like a bone sticking out. We wait in the waiting room for two hours while everyone who came in after us was able to see a doctor first. The excuse for that was they had worse medical conditions. We finally go back and they do a ct scan. They make us hold our child down during this test. He was moving around a lot. They get the reading back and they tell us his chest bone is cracked and me and my husband fell apart. They ask us what happened and we tell them we honestly don't know bc nothing has happened. They look at us like child abusers and call child protective services. They call the pediatric surgeon of macon and tells him my child has a broken chest bone. The dr then comes in the room and tells us my son has to be transported to Macon for surgery to realign his chest bones. We were absolutely devestated. We get to Macon and the trauma team rush in to check my son and they find him playing like a normal child. They exam him and then state the doctors at south ga were WRONG. They didnt even read the ct scan correctly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my son. If the drs at south ga medical center were educated they would've known that . Thank god we got to see a real dr.

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