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Southwestern Auto Sale / Awful service

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I bought a car from this dealership in December 2008. Of course no one buys from a used car dealer unless they are in desperate circumstances and my case was no different. The first couple of weeks I had the car, I discovered two of the tires had slow leaks in them. I figured, no big deal I can take them to Discount Tire and have them repaired for free. The problem is only one of the two tires was legal enough for them to repair. So I took the car back to the dealer and the mechanic paid to have a used tire put on the car.

During this time I also began smelling fumes of some kind when I was driving the car. I called the mechanic again and brought it back. He said he could smell nothing. I believe this was the beginning of the problem with car and it was never addressed. Exactly a month after I bought the car I was on my way home and it started to overheat. I got it off the freeway and when it cooled off I had to put about a gallon of water in the radiator.

I called the mechanic again and brought the car back the next morning. He said he checked for leaks and found nothing. Taking his word for it, I took the car up to Scottsdale and within 10 minutes on the freeway the car overheated into the red zone. I got it as far as my friends house and let it cool off again. When I tried to get the cap off the radiator it was too tight so I called the mechanic. I told him it overheated again and he put the cap on too tight so I couldn't get it off. He said, 'I never took the cap off.'

I asked him how he could tell if there was water in it then? He said, 'I could see there was water in the overflow tank.' I wasn't buying his arguement and my friend helped me get the cap off the radiator. When we got it off and tried to put water in the radiator was completely empty and the water was running out the bottom of the engine. So I called the mechanic back and said no leaks huh? He said, 'There wasn't when I checked it this morning.' I asked if he pressure tested it. He said, 'No.' I asked how he could possibly know that there were no leaks if he didn't pressure check it...he said nothing.

I had the car towed back to the dealership and told the sales person I wanted my money back. I have talked to several mechanics that tell me not to take the car back since it was so severely overheated due to negligence on the mechanics part. The say there is no way to tell how much damage an engine has sustained once it has been that badly overheated.

They fixed the car the next day. I have a bill that they did not charge me for as they know they screwed up. It turns out there was a bad waterpump bypass tube. The car is still sitting on their lot as I refuse to pay them another dime for a car they damaged and have filed a report with the attorney general's office to try and get my money back on the car.

Do not buy from these people!


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