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Southwest Office Systems / Extremely dangerous driving by employee

1 United States

Southwest Office Systems -

Working in customer service for over 10 years I have learned a few things. One of these is an employee is an extension of the company he or she works for. This is true especially outside company property. Behavior and actions outside company property may often work favorably or reflect negatively. This incident was made memorable by an employee of Southwest Office Systems Inc, SOS Plaza, 13960 Trinity Blvd, Ft Worth, Texas 8HW J71 who drives the dark green Chevy pickup with the a Pistol decal on the back. This employee exemplified truly unprofessional and callous behavior in his driving abilities jeopardizing the safety of others whom he shared the road with. This person truly stood out in his irresponsible actions and behaviors which I am sure are not typical of SOS and the people who work there. Not only did he disregard the safety and lives of other drivers on Trinity Blvd, but his arrogance and lack of humanity really came through. Weaving through traffic cutting off cars, cursing at my wife and I after he almost hit us like he owned the road makes me wonder what kind of employees are employed by SOS. I hope such actions and behaviors are isolated, and I question this individual's work ethic and attitude to his job and co-workers. Most importantly what kind of service does he provide to his customers? I am writing this because people like this do not appreciate what they have in life; they are selfish as they do not care about the lives of others. I have no intention of losing mine to arrogant self centered, aggressive individuals such as this. I hope SOS customers have a better experience in the dealing with SOS, and I pity the customers who have to deal with this man. This individual certainly does not do this company any service by any means. I know I would not deal with a company such as this after seeing this individuals behavior, and I definitely would not want him on my team. Get help!!!


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