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Southland Family Urgent Care / Misrepresentation of approved insurance carriers accepted!

1 27660 Santa Margarita PkwyMission Viejo, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 949 951 7111

My wife and I just recently change our Insurance carrier from United to Aetna through my wife's work. My wife specifically asked the receptionist if this office was a in network provider for Aetna. She replied she they are an in-network provider. Now after 5 visits and they are stating that they never said that and now we are responsible for the office visits which mount up to over $500. The first visit was in July and we are just now getting this bill. My wife and I voiced our concerns to the Doctor and where not happy with the outcome. We are taking this to the next level. If you have had a similar situation please let us know how you formally filed a complaint.

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  • Te
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    I had many issues with this group and have moved since... Have not seen anyone there for at least six years. Yet just a month ago I received a notice from a collection agency saying we owe the group $919.03...$369.03 is interest. WHAT? This is the first notice and they have no problem contacting us now...Our credit score is well over 700. We are committed to paying what we owe. This is their "mistake", not ours, yet they make this claim when we probably have no documentation on this any longer... FISHY!

  • Er
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    I really wish I had found this board before now. I had the same problem of switching to Aetna, them assuring me that things would be covered... only to find out that the last 2 visits were over $300 each (in addition to the $100 I was charged at the office). The third time, I was assured by the receptionist, the nurse and the Doctor himself that they would run my tests through LabCorp as that is the only company covered by my insurance. They lied. I paid $75 at the office that day and later received a bill for $268.40. They make their bills impossible to understand, impossible even to tell the date of the mysterious service you are being billed for. He is nice, but they are running a scam in this office. I wish I had the resources to fight this.

  • Mr
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    I have had an issue with this same office. I went there to get my ear flushed out and was given some drops to put into my ear, no mention of the extra cost of these drops. I gave them $40.00 . Then I received a bill that show that they charge my insurance company $246.00 after adustments it came to $161.44, my insur. paid them $133.01 plus my $40.00 I paid at the time of service, now they want another $28.43 saying that I owe for some ear drops that they never said they were charging me for. When I called their quote billing person he called me a liar and hung-up on me. I called back and spoke with the Dr. and he was no better. I am not sure were to go with this. It is only another $28.00 but it is the fact they think they can get away with this. The other problem is they are telling me to look back at the reciept and hey right how can read what they write. I have never encountered this type of out right rudeness from a doctors office. I can't believe they are still in bussiness!

  • Re
      18th of Oct, 2009
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    If you continue to have problems with billing issues from this or other healthcare facilities, feel free to post a comment and I a will try to help you through the maze. I have over 25 years experience as a medical administrator and hate to see anyone get ripped off. While it is ultimately your responsibility to "know" your benefits, it can be a nightmare, especially when offices are less than professional or inept. Unfortunately, as many find out the hard way, Medicine is a business. The best you can hope for is a great doctor with a professional and educated staff. When I hear things like this it almost makes me want to come out of early retirement! Good Luck...

  • Ba
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Southland. Great service, quick, very courteous. I believe it is the responsibility of the insured to check their provider network and ensure you are going to an approved facility or physician- take the time to research it yourself and not rely on everyone else. Insurance companies often nit-pick what they will pay for, I hate this but it isn't the doctor/hospital's fault. When I was having my baby I had two epidurals because the first one "patched" and didn't take. The insurance company only paid for one...I tried to fight this to no avail. I did not try to make the hospital pay for it because it is a service I received-I owed them for this.
    It drives me crazy how people take no responsibility for things. If you go to the hospital they charge you $20 for a of course a doctors office is going to charge you for eardrops. This is sterile-can't be used on multiple people, so you pay for it. Nothing is free. They had to buy the eardrops from someone and that cost is passed on to you/or your insurance carrier.

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