Southlake Town SquareInland Southwestern and Cooper & Stebbins


I am a close personal friend of a small business owner who's requests for concessions were basically ignored by Town Square management. They were hit with a huge true up bill for 2008 after they had started talk for a rent reduction. They tried to find a way to survive but all the landlord offered was a payment plan for the new 20K bill that had suddenly appeared. The exact opposite of a rent reduction. My friends at collective when through a painstaking process of showing historical marketing efforts, financials, and proforma financial based on the landlords agreed upon rent as a percentage of sales. The landlord never gave a solid answer on the rent reduction after all the work, but did off a chance for collective to leave if they would give up their no compete agreement. Southlake Town Square was not interested in helping collective stay in business, the did much the opposite in fact.

DO NOT SIGN A LEASE AT THIS PROPERTY, The management (Inland Southwestern and Copper & Stebbins) have greatly overstated the value and traffic this center is has.

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