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Southern Circulation Inc. / Magazine

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This is not a complaint rather a response. Although I can not read the complaints posted here because my computer is old I know exactly what is being said. I was the office manager for Southern Circulation Inc. from the beginning of january to the end of this april. I have talked with a few of you for sure because I recognize your names. While working for SCI I witnessed some very shady business practices. I was the one who processed all the orders and basically thats as far as it went they are still to this day sitting in a computer data base never being sent out. There are people like Ms. Harrison who haven't recieved magazines since November when it is boldly stated on the reciept that all magazines will be RECIEVED within 120 business days. I can understand the frustration of people who have never and will never probably recieve their magazines. If they do it will not be for about 3 more months because thats the period the clearing house gives for processing. Anyone who is told that they can donate magazines to a Childrens Hospital or to the troops is being lied to. Although there are ways to get them sent there, there is a folder full of orders sitting in the office from as far back as this past summer still "waiting" to be processed. As to people waiting to be refunded as of the end of may the recipts were changed but before that it stated that you have 3 business days to cancel your order and you will be refunded WITHIN 25 business days. They send out very few refunds recieved on time or not. There is a way to deterimine whether or not someone is "worthy" of a refund. If a letter is sent priorty mail or has a had written letter or it looks like some effort was put into sending out the refund request you MAY recieve a refund but most likely not within that time frame. If you are deemed not "worthy" for a refund, letter on time or not, you recieve a letter from the company simply stating that your cancelation was not in time and hope you enjoy your magazines. Although this is not common practice I know of one sales agent who was given a fraudlent identity of a past employee because he has felony warrents out of the state of California.

If you feel like you were a victim of the shady business practices of Southern Circulation Inc. I will give you the following information in order to contact them. The current owner of the company is listed as Tracy Turner, but Turner is her maiden name her legal last name is Fussel. Her husband Dave Fussell is also involved as one of the higher ups in the company. I know that the office number [protected] is not being answered or the messages being returned. The reason is because no one is in the office anymore, they have shut it down. Here is a guarenteed number to get a hold of Mrs. Tracy Fussell herself, ask her why she feels the need to place herself in finacial gain at the cost of others. Her number is [protected].

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  • An
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    Funny how you don't mention that, during that whole time, HOWARD BROCK was the PRESIDENT of Southern Circulation and had full control of the bank accounts. Or that Tracy Fussell was the ONLY person to EVER clear any orders for the company and only because HOWARD BROCK was out of town (AT A STRIP CLUB, SPENDING COMPANY MONEY) and couldn't stop her? You also don't mention that YOU got PAID extra for each of those letters YOU sent out. And how many of those refunds do you think were caused by YOUR ROOMMATE ASHLEY CARMAN lying to them by telling them to cancel so she could STEAL from the company? And exactly how many customers did YOU scam by telling them they were getting a 2 or 3 year subscription when they were only getting one year? Could that be because YOU ARE WORKING FOR HOWARD BROCK EVEN NOWwhile he scams more people with his new company, TOP SALES?

    If anyone would like to contact ASHLEY CARMAN or TRACI PARDON about Southern Circulation, please call 256-585-1501 or to contact HOWARD BROCK, call 256-882-1541

  • Tr
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I first would like to state that what is said is only partly true. Howard was only presdent of the company until march. If you remeber correctly the company was given to you after that and ALL of the bank accounts were in your name Tracy Fussell. Secondly I would like to say that as to me getting paid to send out those letters you guys could barely afford to pay my salary let alone extra money you couldn't even pay to send out your orders. As for the cancelations that my "roommate" Ashley Carman occured for the company you have to deal with her on that. Basically my feeling on that are you guys knew she was scandalous when you brought her back into the company again and again and again. You guys should have expected that from a low life like her. As to the new company and me working for them I think that in order to be considered an employee you have to get paid. I was just doing Ashley a favor so she could be the scandalous ### we all know she is. If you guys want to handle this like adults you know how to contact us.

  • Ka
      1st of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes
    Southern Circulation Inc. - never received my magazines
    United States
    Phone: 615-715-6530

    I ordered three magazines and get one free. I bought Scrapbook Ect., Shape, and Family Fun.The free one was Spin.

  • Lu
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    Just got taken by one today in Madison. They are back.

  • Lu
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Here you guys go. Made this public. I hate that a company like this is operating in my own back yard and doing this to people. Based on reports online, Tracy Turner and Sean Nation have had their hands in alot when it comes to magazine sales. There are direct links to Top Sales and Sean Nation/Tracy Turner to both Veritas Communications and Southern Circulation as well. Based on my research, Tracy Turner (the manager for Top Sales) is actually Tracy Fussell, the owner of Veritas Communications and the wife of Dave Fussell, who has been running this racket under other companies all over the US.

    I've made complaints with the Alabama AG as well and have forwarded my findings to them.

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