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I also have fallen prey to this SCAM online. I ordered the trial, recieved products within a few days after paying the S+H, called for the RMA # and returned the unused portion before the end of the trial period. BUT JUST WHEN I THOUGHT EVERYTHING WAS OVER AND DONE WITH...6 months later there is a mysterious charge on my bank statement from a company in the U.K. for $40.00 for a DEBT 2 WEALTH CLUB that I had never even heard of, much less authorized this charge on my account. Now I must cancel my bank card and all the usual inconvenient things that go along with it when something like this happens. So I am writing this complaint in hopes that others will not make the same mistake as well. But the questions that remain to be answered is what do we do to stop this company (aka:the natural source store) from doing this to others repeatedly? How many other companies and countries did they sell our credit and bank card numbers to? Why are they still able to do business here in the United States and prey on innocent hard working americans? Would love to hear your comments. Thank you.

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      24th of Jan, 2010
    south beach brite/sparkle - Costs of free sample don't add up
    Natural Source Store
    United States

    Someone left a message about Natural Sources South Beach Brite and Sparkle tooth whitener about their free trial offer and how to order both for great results. The free sample initially runs you about $7, but in small print you will see you need to return the items within 30 days. IF you don't return them you will be charged about $85 per month for automatic renewals until clearly notified otherwise. So, this small 30 day trial, that you must return in less than 30 days, they say unless you return everything back in a certified mail they can't assure they recieve it and you will be charged. Basically from what they sent me Sparkle and South Beach brite are the same thing, just in different containers from what I can tell. One has a brush, one has trays. It does work OK, but again it requires a lot of time and attention to detail in order to not get scammed into paying the not obvious. If you do order this, get a syringe and fill it up with all that you are sent and send it back right away in the smallest and cheapest package you can fit everything into.
    Once you order it someone will call you to tell you in order to complete your order you can also get a free trial offer of credit insurance and discount products something that you can cancel, but they luer you in with a $50 or $100 gas voucher offer. DONT DO THIS!!! THis is the bigggest rip off of all. You probably won't want any of the products anyways. Again, if you don't cancel this offer you will be charged monthly for a bunch of stuff that they say you will save on, but probably won't buy. THe Gas vouchers are the biggest rip off. Once they send you the voucher card, you must return it in certifed mail with a self addressed envelope then wait up to 30 days. They you can use it $10 per month, but must send in the reciept with specific stipulations and again each time with a self addressed stampled envelope to get a check sent back. So for this possible free $100 in gas vouchers it will cost you approximately $13 in postage, all of your time, and 6-8 weeks approximately for refunds for each voucher, if you really get one?
    Is the $87 and 12 months really worth all your time, effort, and possibility of them charging you anyways?
    They didn't even send me the vouchers as they said would be sent to me right away. I specifically asked this ? and they assured me. I called about 4 weeks later and then had to wait another 11 days to find out the hoops you had to run through to get the money. Don't get scammed. Use whiteners off the shelf, or just purchase the stuff at a discount for one month. Don't allow them to have the chance to continually charge your account. If you look at consumer rip offs you will notice this time and again with this company.

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