south beach brite/premium white / harassment & fraudulent charges

1 NM, United States

Ordered whitening solution under false pretense that it was a free sample for $1.95 (cost of shipping). Since then have had fraudulent charges on credit card...had to cancel it! Email and phone #'s were sold to who know's how many companies. Worst, constantly harrassed by these people since march (tried to sucker me again with a free $50 Walmart card). When i told them to stop contacting me and stopped answering their calls they sent me a fake letter stating that I would be sent to collections for $128 dollars. These people are bottom feeders and will do ANYTHING to try and get your money. I contacted the ACTUAL South Beach Brite company and they confirmed that it is a scam. They are in no way affiliated with these con-artists. They were extremely helpful and led me in what direction to pursue and gave me some numbers to call (Complaint Dept. for Attorney General [protected] & Fraud and Consumer Protection [protected]). If your receive a collections letter like this DO NOT give these people anymore of your information. Also, I looked up this so called collections company (Apex Solutions, LLC 7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89128) and it does not exist. It is a scam! Please don't be a ### like I was.


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