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South African World Cup / Scam

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oh, it's gotta be a scam. We all remember those emails we got last year- cmon, you know the ones where you are part heir to someone's dread wealthy uncle in South Africa, yadda yadda...all you need to do is GIVE THEM YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER-listed at least 10 times in the body of the letter.

Well, that didn't work for them-so they are trying something else:

I am guessing alot of you got an email like this one below. My reponse comes before the letter this schmuck sent me:

So, you guys couldn't get away with your fake pleas
for help, making up false aliases (aka being a wealthy
heir to a wealthy prince whose life was cut short and
you have a trillion dollars stuck up a donkey's ###
(NO PUN INTENDED) and the only way you can get it out
of its ### is if you get all of our informaiton and
our bank account number so you can drain it dry-now
you are creating another scam?!? If I were you I'd be
really smart and I would go to the rest of your
friends who are doing this and tell themto stop. It
will only be a matter of time and we'll find you out
on this one, too. Bunch of dumb ###

--- Adams Mogale wrote:

> Dear Lelia Swadley-Georgopoulos,
> To start with, this is part of our Global electronic
> business Promotions Program mainly to create
> awareness and support to promote our tourism to the
> global world and as part of our preparation for 2010
> world cup to be held in South Africa.
> The procedure of this organization in order to claim
> your prize is as thus:
> First and foremost, you have to email us your
> winning numbers, reference numbers and batch
> number(which you have done).This is to check the ill
> activities of some unscrupulous element out there
> and to avoid making payment to the wrong person.
> After receiving this information from you to check
> with the list with us here and confirm you as the
> true winner of this lottery, we will then forward
> you a form to be completed by you which detail your
> personal information and account number where you
> want the money to be transferred.
> This form will then be forwarded to the remittance
> department for onward processing of your transfer to
> your designated account and once this payment is
> ready for transfer, you will be summoned to come
> down to South Africa to sign out the money and after
> the signing out of this endorsement voucher, your
> money will be credited to your account within 3
> working days.
> There are other packages lined up for our lucky
> winners towards 2010 World cup in South Africa.We
> have booked VIP seats for all our lucky winners in
> one of the 5 stars hotel in Gauteng with official
> bus from Mega lottery to also take you round the
> city during this period, partly as promoting our
> tourism too and many more.
> l hope you will be there to witness the beauty of
> the country and this event.Once
> again, congratulations and looking forward to
> welcoming you in South Africa.
> My contact number is [protected]. For any further
> enquiry, please do not hesitate to call me and thank
> you.
> Let us have your telephone and fax numbers for easy
> communication, while waiting to read from you and
> please, keep your winning/reference numbers from
> people to avoid impersonation as against
> scam/internet fraud.

...and ya know what, it's an awful lot like trying to jump from a roof and flapping your wings thinking you can fly, busting your face on the concrete, getting up like a fool and putting a fan on your back and trying it again.


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