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Sourdough Mining Company - Anchorage, Alaska / Totally insulted by the manager

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Sourdough Mining Company - I will NEVER, EVER go back. I was so totally insulted by the manager, I could NOT believe a customer oriented business would act this way.

OK - My Wife & I go to dinner at S.M.C., which I have been a customer of since, oh, 1992. I have probably had full racks of baby back ribs EVERY TIME I've gone there for the last FIFTEEN YEARS.

I get my food - and as Trina & I are splitting a full rack of ribs ($30), mine are SO DRY I can't even chew them. I tried, but ended up spitting out the ribs - anyone who knows me knows it's HARD to get me to NOT eat something!!

I told the waitress, and sent them back - Trina and I were getting full on side dishes & korn fritters, so I decided I didn't want another rack, just sending back the ribs. A moment after sending back the ribs, the waitress comes BACK with the ribs, packaged in a take-home container - she says "The manager looked at them, and said they looked good to him". I'm not sure how to take this until I see my bill - I'm still being charged for these damn dry ribs!! I told the waitress to take the ribs BACK, AGAIN, and that I wasn't going to pay for the ribs, AND I'd like to talk to the manager. No such luck - the COWARD of a manager sends the waitress back with word that the ribs were OK, whether or not I wanted them, and that I would have to pay for them, since I ate one. Really.

At this point, I'm ready to make a scene, or just get out of there. I'm in shock, since in my world, if someone isn't happy, they DON'T PAY - in fact, we do whatever we need to do to MAKE THEM HAPPY. Instead, I get some cowardly [censored] who uses the waitress to "inform" me that my food wasn't in fact, bad - so I'm lying now? I was hot. I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to test the waters & walk, so I PAID (who's the coward now?), and left. I didn't take those damn dry ribs, though.

I figure I spent $30 buying the right to ### about Sourdough Mining Company forEVER...

Bear in mind, the same owner owns Peanut Farm - if you go there, you're liable to get jacked up even if you don't like the food. You've been warned.


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