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1 Hastings, IA, United Kingdom
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I bought a BMX bike for my son’s birthday from Source BMX ( recently. I found the offers made on their website to be untruthful for the following reasons.

The price for the item in local currency was indicated on their offer but when the credit card payment was confirmed the cost was 13% higher.
Although the website states that the VAT was included in the price offered this was not deducted from the invoice, nor was it itemised on the invoice so I could claim it back. SourceBMX basically pocketed the VAT.

Shipping indicated on the website would led one to believe that the item would be delivered by courier within 2 weeks at least. It was shipped via our postal service even though they were on industrial action which meant the item had to be collected from them after over a month.

SourceBMX basically just denied these facts and did not compensate us for any of the extra costs we suffered as a result.

I will never buy from these people again.

Jan 5, 2015

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