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I can't tell you the hours and upon hours that i've tried to install this software. First into Garageband for the mac. Originally a few years ago, I had a programmer install it because it was so hard to install I had to hire a high tech guy and even he couldn't do it in a day !!!

Then when I changed my hard drive, it was ll downhill from their, I couldn't install it in Garageband no matter how many hours I put into it., Then they said i had to upgrade. Forget that because what is the use of upgrading when they don't even get back to you for tech support. from them.

They have the worst instructions on their packages for the mac than I have ever seen in my entire life. Just terrible.

They have a new program they call "play" and new player they say is compatible with what I have, but what you have to go through just to buy their software I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy.

They have really in my honest opinion stepped it up a notch in the meaning of a terrible musical software product.

Their web site to me is another example of terrible support, plus their tech people hardly ever get back to you. They have to phone.
The list goes on. I am almost embarrassed to say how much time I've spent on this product. .

East West Symphony Orchestra Silver and XP for the mac. And their "Player" 99$ value for the player.

For all the grief they have given me they should play me big bucks in time i've spent in frustration trying to install their awful product. And I really mean this!!!


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