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H Nov 28, 2017

I want to warn you of the online shop "SoScribbly" from the USA (Florida). From the outside, its a page for meme clothing, so for textiles. However, the packages you order there are apparently not sent at all, but the money thankfully accepted.

The customer service is on request friendly, fast and polite. However, specific questions are never answered correctly and you will be asked again and again for patience for days.

Although 5 days of production and a maximum of 10 days of shipping have been announced, my package (order for $ 92.96) has not arrived until today (+30 days) and I have since asked SoScribbly for more than five times for a package code or information could let me identify the package. However, you come across a wall of granite, you will only be comforted again.

All in all, I have exchanged more than 15 emails with the customer service of SoScribbly until today, but have not received a package code or an exact location. Also on the "conflict reporting function" with the payment provider PayPal was not responded by the shop. Therefore, I have now canceled my payment and would like to warn at least German customers specifically against ordering at!


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