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Sony Playstation 3 / Bad customer service

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I purchased a Sony Playstation 3 on 9/30/07. I recently purchased the video game Resident Evil 5. I put the disc in to play the game. The disc had a version update ( ver 2.52). I loaded the version update and played the game for an hour.I shut the game down and came back 20 minutes later to play again and the PS3 system wouldn't read any discs. I called the Sony help line and talked to an operator named Jason. I explained what happened. He immediately went into his sales pitch and told me I was out of warranty and would have to pay $150 to get the system fixed. I told him I didn't have the money and asked if they would wave the fee. He said we needed to try some troubleshooting but if it didn't work they would wave the fee. I attemted his troubleshooting and nothing worked. I called back the next day and got a different operator and he said there was no way they would repair the system without the $150. I have since been online to see if this was a common problem and it appears that it is. People have had the system for different time periods ranging from days to weeks to months and experienced the exact same problem. This is a known problem and Sony has found a way to profit off of their mistakes. This is absurd. SHAME ON YOU SONY!!!

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  • Mi
      16th of Jun, 2009

    ### company. I've been a Sony fanboy since the original Playstation, and i'm a big fan of many game franchises on Sony consoles. I have bought every system/portable put forth by this company. At one time, i had a problem once with my PS2, but that was resolve without too much of a hassle. Then, my PS3 goes out on me...And these motha**ckers can't even reward my loyalty to them. I had to shell 150.00 dollars to get it fixed. Not to mention, they lost the original shipping box...and customer svc utterly sucks...[censored]ty as ###!. Ultimately, I didn't get my replacement i.e re-furbised PS3 till after a month. Now, THAT ### system has also gone out on me, conveniently after 3 months...which is when the warranty expires. Now, i'm stuck with a gooddamned shoebox...Which i will no doubt fix...cuz i love my Tekken and many more...But i guarantee you...I ain't no sony fanboy no more. I'll deal with them only if i have to.


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  • Me
      16th of Aug, 2009

    We too have experienced the same problem!!! I am furious with these people. My boys were given money towards the PS3 gaming system for Christmas. Together they came up with the rest that they needed to make the purchase. I allowed them to dig into their savings accounts and I now I am soooooo angry with myself! The game worked fine for about 8 mo. and then just quit one day. Has anyone gotten any help or relief with this? Has anyone paid the $150 to actually get it fixed? How long does it work after you pay and get the system back? I have a feeling it will continue to eat at our wallets.

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  • Jo
      18th of Aug, 2009

    I have paid the 150 dollars after going round and round with Sony about how unfair I thought it was, and how thousands of people are having the same problem. They stuck to their guns and made me pay the 150 dollars. I sent my PS3 out and got it back in 2 weeks. I've had it back for 4 months and it's still working. The biggest problem I have is they won't tell me what they fixed. I turned Sony into the BBB. I suggest everyone do the same. Good luck

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  • Bl
      3rd of Mar, 2010

    Hi, I think it is about time we the consumers of the ps3 product stick together and file a nationwide, everyone on board lawsuit against Sony for our expences acrued for repairing a product that barly lasts past there warranty date and or Quits reading the discs after a ps3 update. My PS3 system started acting up after the 3.15 update and now after the clock rolled back to 12/31/99 and set several error codes from 3-1-2010 now my system will not load PS3 games. I talked to Sony and informed them and they told me the same thing, you will have to send it in for repair. Most of the complaints are that the Blu-ray player quits working after the update. I informed them that a few people I know are talking about starting a websight for all ps3 owners that have acrued expences for repairing a inferior product that they keep charging $150.00 for repair only after a update or playstation network problem that takes out your system. All they could say is we are sorry. So I informed them that they are right. They are SORRY!!! A sorry excuse of a company that continues to milk money out of there customers. You can E-mail me at [protected] If we the consumers can get a few thousand people on board, we the consumers will have a lawsuit that SONY will never forget.

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  • Po
      5th of Mar, 2010

    I got the yollow light of death this morning and when I called the jerk off said pay to get it fixed or don't get it fixed WE DON'T CARE. Of course they don't care cause we keep paying.I filed a complaint with the BBB and hope others do the same.And if anybody does want to start a website i am in [protected] please anyone who reads this do not pay when you didn't break it cause all you are doing is bending over for these guys to continue to rape you.I'm gonna miss my system too, but i will not bow to those ###.

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  • Ro
      23rd of Dec, 2010

    My system has been working fine for the past 3 years. I baby the hell out of it to make sure I never live the horror stories i've heard about. But when I did the update to play some new games I bought, IT STOPPED READING DISC!!! This is crazy. i have brand new games i just bought and this happens. I can't even get through to Sony. Somebody help me. If there is a lawsuit, I'M ON BOARD [protected]

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