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Sony Jumbo / Nokia 6288 / Insurance scam, very poor after sales service

1 United Arab Emirates

I purchased a Nokia 6288 around last week of January 2007 from Sony Jumbo in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. On the 06th week, around mid-March, whilst charging, I felt that the phone was warm and it got hotter after about an hour. I took it off from the charger and after another hour, the phone built up some moisture inside the screen so I immediately took it back where I purchased it from and I was told that the technician only works on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday but then any of the staff from the mobile section of the showroom can accept it which will then be forwarded to the technician along with the receipt, warranty card and the report/details of the damage. I completed a form and had received a copy of the receiving receipt.

After a week, I received a call notifying me that the phone will not be covered by the warranty because the technician declared it as liquid damage. Tried to explain that it was not the original cause of the damage, but it seems that the technician named ‘Jiboy’ do not have any mind to listen at all and instead had an irrelevant comment that the sales staff should not accept any item if he is not on duty. I felt so helpless and ended up inquiring what should I do next and I was told to claim it from the insurance company.

On the second week I went back to the branch to fill up the insurance claim. After a week I was asked to come back as I was told that I should change the declaration of the damages and how it happened. Another phone call came in after 2 days and again, I was requested to complete another form and that I was told that this time the technician will prescribe what should I write in the declaration. I was also asked to surrender the receiving receipt which they have attached to the insurance claim form.

Finally, the phone was taken to the service center in Karama where I received a call requesting me to visit them to sign some insurance papers. It is now the 5th week from the time I have given them the phone. Due to very tight schedule at work, I only had the chance to visit them last Monday, 14th May 2007. I was so shocked that nothing has been done to my claim and that the Service Officer, VT Sathya Das had asked me to fill up another insurance claim form with a false accident declaration of the damage - - how pathetic is that???

We all know that Sony is a reputed and global brand that gained a high level of loyalty from its consumers but unfortunately, their representative in Dubai did not meet such level of service in all aspects and on top of that is selling electronics a little bit expensive because of the suppose ‘insurance cover’, so is this sort of a scam? What about the insurance company that they are dealing with? Totally waste of time…

Think about it before you purchase anything from Sony Jumbo…

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