Sonic Drive-IN / marinara sauce

I love Sonics marinara sauce so I go to my local sonic and usually buy about 10 when I run out. I buy my cheese sticks from Sam's club bc they are better and much cheaper. The first time I went to buy some I was charged 25 cent a piece which was fine by me. I don't mind paying for them. About a week later I went to get more and I was charged 15 cents a piece. After that I was not charged at all for them but every time I went to get some I would have to ask multiple times just to get them. I always order other stuff when I go to sonic. I usually spend at least $10 or $20 on food and drinks for my kids, but every time I would ask for 10 marinara sauce's they would bring all our food and drinks but would not bring the marinara so I would have to send the carhop back in to get them. Every time I had to do that I gave the carhop a $5 tip. The last time I went up there they told me that they couldn't give me any marinara sauce's. I asked them why not bc they use to sell them to me for 25 cent a piece which was fine by me and a nice profit for sonic I'm sure. She said they do not sell them. I just thought that was stupid to turn down business especially seeing how much money I spent at that sonic every week. Now I drive across town to the other sonic bc of this which is absolutely ridiculous seeing how sonic is 100 yards from my house but I guess the manager of this sonic has a problem making money bc 25 cents a piece for marinara sauce is Definitely a profit bc they usually just give it to you. I really wish they would get a new manager who doesn't mind selling marinara sauce.

Jul 29, 2018

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