Sonic cah.netharassing calls and bogus threats

I received a disturbing call at work from a man with a heavy mid eastern accent complaining about a bogus payday loan that i suppposedly took out from sonic cash and never paid back. As soon as he got me on the line, he proceeded to ask me to verify my social security number. I asked who he was and how he got my personal information and he proceeded to tell me that i am being pressed charges against for fraud, deception and deceit...He started to read some affidavat and informed me that i was not to interrupt him while he was reading this. His accent was so heavy that i had to interrupt him to tell him to repeat what he was saying. It also was a bad connection and the call kept cutting in and out as if he was on a cell phone.. He informed me that i was to report to the courthouse on monday or he would send the police to my job to pick me up and escort me down there. He also told me that he needed my attorney information so he could fax this to my attorney.

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