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Bought three $64.00 tickets to the Tempations concert in San Antonio. Received $35.00 tickets with the Ticketmaster name on them. Ticketmaster said they are not responsible for them. I was re routed to Songticketing which had the ticketmaster name so I thought I was buying tickets thru Ticketmaster. Who in there right mind would pay $64.00 for $35.00 tickets. I paid $242.52 for everything with fees.

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  • Js
      Apr 07, 2011

    Ditto with every one of these complaints. I contacted ticket liquidator who said that is responsible for the actual selling of my concert tickets to Jason Derulo on April 6th, 2011. I paid $157.20 for two tickets that were in $15-$20 seats. To add insult to injury, Jason Derulo only performed for 45 minutes!! All of these vendors / brokers need to be sued: Ticketmaster, Ticket Liqudator, and Song Ticketing. They all just pass it off responsibility to the next vendor or broker. Can anyone file a class action suit against these companies and allow for those who purchased tickets within the past few years to be part of this class action suit??

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  •   Jan 17, 2012

    Hello JSmith! That's indeed true -- we at TL are a nationwide network through which independent ticket-selling companies (like Song) resell tickets to events. This means that Song and other such companies are repricing the tickets according to what they think the tickets are worth on the open market. This fact is explained throughout our website (including above every event listing) in order to keep consumers as informed as possible. The purpose of ticket resale is to allow consumers access to high-demand tickets after primary sources are sold out and also to allow consumers access to tickets that were not intended initially for public sale.

    Please know, though, that the time Jason Derulo spent onstage has nothing to do with TL or Song or any other ticket resale group, but rather was a decision on Jason's part. (I sympathize and agree with the frustration, though...)

    As an FYI, to try and help, you can always message me on ComplaintsBoard and we'll be happy to offer you a nice discount off a new order -- hopefully one where the artist spends more time onstage!

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  • Ka
      Feb 18, 2012

    I bought two tickets for Blue Man Group in Calgary AB and paid 141 each plus Fedex charges. When I got the tickets the value on them was 80. They basically laughed at me when i called to complain.

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  • Ma
      Mar 21, 2012

    I purchase 3 tickets to a musical in Portland, OR. I did not get what I thought I was ordering. The ticketnetwork website is misleading and way overpriced for what I actually got. Apparently, while BAL A means balcony-section A and BAL B means balcony- section B...BALC means they can give you a seat anywhere in the balcony. Also, the tickets available for the balcony were either 2BAL or BAL. I thought that meant BAL was 1st BAL, since those tickets were a little more money...I was wrong. Apparently, BAL means they can put you anywhere including 2nd balcony. BEWARE!!! If the ticket sounds vague...assume the worst. Also when I called customer service at ticketnetwork and spoke with Robert, he refused to let me speak with a supervisor and eventually hung up on me. NICE! Song Ticketing has not returned a call or email. I will NEVER USE THIS COMPANY or AGAIN!

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