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Please!!! Do not purchase tickets from this site for any event! They are a third party vendor and never sent tickets for the event i purchase a ticket for in the amount of $153.65. My amex was charged and paid and when i got to will call window i could not get in to see melissa etheridge. I had to purchase another ticket for $104 at the box office, cash only. This site is a scam and i am following up. I was sent to this site from ticketliquidator so don't use them either. Oh, btw no one ever answers the number listed on the charge receipt. This is my first time being scamed and it is a terrible feeling.

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  •   Jan 17, 2012

    Hello! I am employee of TL responding to the customer above. I noticed in passing that he mentioned that he ordered initially through our exchange with the seller concerned (Song Ticketing). We at TL are a nationwide exchange (like EBay) through which independent ticket sellers (like Song) resell tickets to popular entertainment events (sports, concerts, theater). We have certain standards we expect sellers to uphold (again, like EBay) and, if there any ticketing complications, we definitely want to be made aware of them. It seems, in this case, the customer purchased through our site from Song Ticketing and had subsequent problems with his or her order. (I don't see immediate indication that we were aware of any such problems or that we had been contacted about them separately.)

    The customer's post is deprecated, but the customer is always free to message us back and we'd be happy to re-examine his or her order -- that's why we're here.

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