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DO NOT ORDER FROM SONGTICKETING.COM. OMG...this is a horrific scam! BEWARE. We went to the Marquis Theatre website to purchase tickets for the Donny & Marie Concert. It was not until AFTER the purchase that we discovered we had been THROWN to this third party for our alleged purchase. Next day our credit card company phoned us to tell us our card had been charged twice! When we notified Songticketing to report the error, your directed to an answering machine! AND every call to this company is through an answering machine that they don't call back and IF they do, it's with threats! We also phoned the theatre to ask if these tickets would be honored at this show, we were told NO. We told the theatre what had happened and the very next day on their site, a "pop-up" box comes up to warn unsuspecting consumers of the third party fraud. They also tell consumers that tickets for this particular show HAD to be purchased through the theatre box itself or through Ticketmaster ONLY! I notified Songticketing yet again and left a message with my discovery only to begin receiving numerous threats! (They will ruin our credit, they will notify credit bureaus and ruin our credit there, they will file small claims court in Connecticut against us...on and on). Luckily we know an associate who works for OHIO BCI so we have reported our incident to Attorney Generals in 4 states and Better Business Bureaus (THEY HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT SONGTICKETING!). The threatening calls have been many if we do not honor this sale and pay these charges...and after all this...Songticketing still mailed the tickets, of course with a signature pickup, 3 weeks later...AFTER we notified them on numerouse occasions advising them of our discovery! They are ruthless in their tactics! PLEASE BE AWARE! THIS IS NOT A REPUTABLE GROUP!...DO NOT USE OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN OUR SHOES!.


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