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I ordered tickets online for fiddler on the roof, got my tickets, I was charged 161.12 for two 30.00 tickets. I called them and was told I had to pay for them. When the tickets were ordered she told me she was speaking to me from the east coast, making it sound as if she was from Broadway show tickets. I will never order tickets online again.

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  • Do
      Dec 10, 2009

    Same happened to me. Ordered Wicked tickets. Went to Stranahan Theatre site where show was scheduled. Was directed to JustBuy Tickets, and somehow got to songticketing. Paid $272.00 for two $70.00 tickets. This is a scam. Not letting it go.

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  • Va
      Jan 02, 2010

    Doug Wilbur and ParL87 have MADE a CHOICE to order tickets from said company. Do your research carefully! When you order tickets through an INTERNET service, you may or may not pay a higher cost for legitimate tickets. It depends on SUPPLY and DEMAND. As the consumer, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to choose wisely. Learn from this experience and MOVE on, ENJOY life, and FORGIVE past grievances. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  • Th
      Jan 22, 2010

    I too am in the same situation as you guys. I made the stupid scam mistake. It seems like [protected] buys the tickets from ticketmaster, then charges more than 100% markup to sell them to someone. I purchased George Thorogood and the Destroyers tickets from them and it cost me about $370 for 4 of them. After receiving them and finding the price on each ticket at $39.50, I immediately found the lower price on They were even much better seats. So I advise anyone ordering them off of that website to close the browser and think hard about what you are about to do. I'm still gonna go because it's George Thorogood. I mean come on George Thorogood. I'll pay more than I have to to see a concert that is "Bad to the Bone."

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  • Ka
      Apr 10, 2010

    Scammed too. Bought 5 $36.00 tickets paid $386.00 for them didn't realize it was this company until I received the tickets.

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  • Ti
      Apr 10, 2010

    Hate Hate Hate being screwed and this company did it to me too! Paid $451 for tickets suppose to be in lower section C for $91 a piece. I received tickets second level balcony section E at face value of $48. They will not answer their phones, don't return messages or e mails. They suck! I never knew this scam was out there!

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  • Up
      May 10, 2010

    I ordered 2 tickets to Norah Jones concert and they charged me 218.00 for 2- 59.00 tickets.

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  • Up
      May 13, 2010

    I am in the same boat as the rest of you. It is too bad that in todays economy we have people like those at songticketing that are too lazy to go get a real job like the rest of us hard working americans. Instead they SCAM us, while profiting over 100% of each ticket sale for their own lazy, greedy, scandalis pockets. EARN YOUR INCOME HONESTLY LIKE THE REST OF US!!!

    The kicker for me was their purchasing webpage is set up just like TICKETMASTER...(fraud???????) ... I didn't think twice when pruchasing my tickets, because I thought I was purchasing from a fair PRICED, LEGAL, and HONEST...yes, I am talking about ticketmaster!!! Sadly I spent double what the tickets were worth and to top it off, the nose bleed seats!!!


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  • Zu
      May 24, 2010

    It is apparently completely legal in NYS for ticket brokers to falsely advertise the true cost of a venues ticket and sell that ticket to you for 4 times the actual cost. Bought 4 OAR tickets from them for $208.20 and come to find out ticketmaster has same seats delivered to me for $48.50. I truely hope these [censor] get whats coming to them.

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  • Mo
      Jun 02, 2010

    Yep, they're a ripoff. It works like this:

    You have some event you want to see, so you google it. MyCityRocks or SongTickets or some other [censor]ed domain name appears and claims to be some kind of grass-roots ticket exchange.

    They're not.

    I paid $141 for tickets with a face value of $68. Right after the purchase, I checked ticketmaster. I got the same tickets as the ones available at the same time for the face value.

    To add insult to injury, they immediately bought the tickets and then printed them out on a home-quality INKJET printer!! So, for 2x the price, I don't have ticket stubs to keep after the event. I only have some idiot's office-depot printer paper and crappy image of my tickets. LOL! What a sham operation!

    DO NOT BUY FROM SONGTICKETS.COM or MYCITYROCKS.COM!! Go straight to ticketmaster; yes their fees suck, but it's better than getting raped by

    I think these guys are ripe for a class-action lawsuit... any lawyers out there want an easy payday? I'm in. I am so in.

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  • Mo
      Jun 04, 2010

    They seem to care if you file a BBB complaint against them. Use the business name ""

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  • Sc
      Sep 25, 2010

    Another case of SongTicketing bait and switch - web site advertised tickets for Visitirs Bench for a KC Chiefs vs Denver Broncos game; when tickets arrived they were in Sec 307 Row 45 NOSE BLEED section almost the most remote seats on the stadium. It would not surprise me that this issue will go to the Missouri Attorney General Office of Comsumer Affairs because Bait & Switch is illegal in Missouri

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  • Na
      Oct 10, 2010

    I bought 2 tickets in June 13, 2010 for Jesus Adrian Romero/Marcela Gandara Concert which took place last night, October 9, 2010, at the Nokia Theatre Live, Los Angeles, California. At the time of purchase, tickets for ORCHESTRA LEVEL MAIN FLOOR for $107.oo each, plus $23.00 for Service Fee, plus $15.00 for Standard Delivery, total $276.08, I printed the receipt in which they said that I would be receiving an email receipt shortly. I was to get my tickets delivered to my address, time passed and nothing, no email, no tickets...kept calling the phone # they gave me...[protected] at songticketing and no luck!! I never received my tickets..last night we went to the Nokia Theatre with the belief that they (songticketing) might have a booth to validate my paper tickets...I was so embarrassed and boiling angry to know I was ripped off..not only Nokia people told me there was nothing they could do because this company has to answer what happened to my tickets, but I had to buy 2 extra tickets in seats not very desirable...BUT I'M NOT STAYING QUIET.. AFTER READING ALL OF YOUR COMPLAINTS...SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE ACTION ON THIS VERY DIRTY "COMPANY"?..Ah.. the next day June 14, they charged me for $13.80 for EVENT TICKET INSURANCE...

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  • Yi
      Oct 19, 2010

    I'm with you. I just bought 2 tickets to a Leonard Cohen concert and got two $45 tickets for which I paid $80 each. Plus service & shipping & handling. Wish I'd checked this website first!

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  • Bo
      Mar 02, 2011

    My wife was suckered into one of their Google Ads, which contained the name of the venue in the link so it appeared to BE the venues website. Actual face value was 60.00..I paid 80.00 per ticket plus their INSANE fees. Got ripped off to the tune of 90.00. Also, the ticket is a 'print at home' Ticketmaster ticket, and they electronically whited out the pricing info. I will not even know if these are real tickets until the date of the event 3 months from now. I never thought there could be a worse company than Ticketmaster, but this is it. Pure ripoff. ALWAYS go to the actual venue website to buy tickets.

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  • Gd
      May 04, 2011

    Songticketing is a company broker that list tickets on many websites, even Craiglist or Ebay. I am guessing that people don't even do some research before making purchases online. If you agree for a ticket price, I think it means you have the money and you are willing to pay that price! I don't understand why people say ripoff, scam, fraud... when they read the terms and policies and decide to purchase from brokers throughout the US. It's a business, if you simply type in: Wicked, New York on the internet, what do you expect? I believe people need to understand that it all depends on your research and what event you are looking for. I searched hundreds of times for baseball, nba and broadway shows, and comparing prices, I get up to 70% less of the face value, of course, I don't let my wife or kids buy without knowing or give them my credit card and then call a broker waiting for miracles... no no no!

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  • Mt
      May 14, 2011

    I am embarrassed to say that I bought tickets from SongTicketing and was swindled. I searched the venue and event I wanted to take my Mother to as a mothers day gift and didn't really notice that I wasn't buying from the venue. Because I wanted it to be a nice night I selected "best available". Having just received the tickets I find that I have paid $56.00 (plus fees and shipping) for two $20.00 tickets for an event that still today has the same tickets available for purchase at the door. If you read the disclosure (which I have just done but don't remember it being openly displayed while I was purchasing) this company makes no guarantees AT ALL to what tickets you will get or how much they will cost. NEVER use SongTicketing for your tickets. To gdito's comments, yes I agree. But this company goes out of their way to be deceitful, really pushing the edge on fraud.

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  • Al
      Aug 24, 2011

    Last night I purchased 3 tickets to Santana/George Lopez Oct 1st 2011 3x$86.00 + 3x $19.78 (Serve fee)+3x$15.00 (Standard Delivery) total+$332.34 the debit my account twice $664.68 This caused a Negative balance on my checking account!!!
    my boyfriend and I left several messages I sent them a detail email of my checking account I cute & paste the negative balance and bank NSF policies and fees. **HAS ANYONE FILED A COMPLAINT WITH BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU????***

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