Sona BellaStomach

Had surgery in Feb, n what I asked to be done, is still not done, n still look the same, I have complained since my first appt n till this day May11, 2017 .it was a lot of money, to walk away looking the same. Something needs to be done.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Holiday, FLin went there because my father sat on my legs n it drove me crazy, so I saved n saved, n went there to have it removed, well it's still there n still sitting on my legs, if I would have known that they couldn't do it, I would have went somewhere else. But I was told by two people that it would be taken care of, n nothing. N now I have to fight to get my money back, so that I can have someone else to fix this problem. So please contact me @ [protected].n let's see if we can come to and agreement on this matter. Thanks [protected] Price.

May 11, 2017

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