Solutions / Multiple Charges after Cancellation

1 5 Belmont Avenue, Asheville, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 828-713-7947

I cancelled my account with Solutions in February. Good, fine, done. But NOW I have a charge again. I discarded my items when there was NO charge in March!!! Now, again in April, there is a charge for $14.95, + a $35.00 charge from my bank BECAUSE I DID NOT EXPECT a charge from you. Please CANCEL my Solutions account!!!

Refund the $14.95 charge, PLUS the $35.00 charge from my bank for the erroneous, misplaced charge. Should I receive another charge from you, I will contact the Federal Trade Commission.

I expect a refund of $14.95 PLUS the erroneous OVERDRAFT fee from my bank. Spoke with a live person before who assured me that account was closed. Will not make the same mistake again.

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