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I bought a cell phone, over a month ago. The provider being Solo.The day i bought it i contacted them and registered and reported a problem with my new phone. they said in 24 hours it will be fixed.Every 24 hours since that day over a month ago i have called in only to be told the same thing. i cannot use my new phone, what a waste of money. every unhappy about the customer service and they will not listen to you, just repeat the same thing, talk over you like you are stupid. I have many friends in the same situation with this provider.I like the phone and was excited to get it, but Solo killed that. When a provider is this bad you should be able to have a switch option, discount or new phone with a different provider. I dont want to call in again, so tired of the ignorance. there has to be some solution for us who are going threw this?

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  • Br
      Sep 08, 2009

    Okaay so Solo took absolutley all the money out of my balance and account; this is after i bought a new charger from loosing mine after 2 weeks of buying it. after i had bought the phone charger it started subtracting my minutes for unlimited texting and calls. My Local WirelessWave Kiosk said to call customer service because solo took all my minutes i cant even do so. I thought solo was geared for younger children & teens to make it easy.
    All i got was a slap in the face; i was completely shocked by solos not-so-easy "easiness".
    When i try to access the website theres no number telling you what to call for a call back.
    Waste of my fathers money and 250$ down the toilet.
    Solo needs to listen to people.. and make it easy to access and work with.
    Solo has screwed me over with this brand new stunning phone .

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  • Ad
      Sep 22, 2009

    I am a day late on paying the bill for Solo because I cant access my account to see how much to pay! And they cut me off, saying Ive spent over $100 when thats impossible because I am fairly poor and therefore careful with my money. I have free evenings and weekends and free incoming and I dont text so there is no way in hell Ive spent over $100. Ive had some sort of cellphone for years and the most Ive ever paid in a month was $45 and for me thats going way over. Worst part is I cant even reach a damn representative!!! Wow, not even 4 months and theyve managed to screw me over. Congrats Solomobile, ###in congrats.

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  • Jo
      Oct 02, 2009

    Problems can always happen but solo is not a bad company at all. it's been 4 years and no problems since then.
    And the reason they cut you're line is because you have a scealing on your account that means when you reach 100 they cut your line thats the reason.

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  • Ln
      Oct 19, 2009

    they are absolutly terrible, i dont think i have had a worse phone company, they told me i get free long distance and i explaned why i needed it, . they told me i had free loong distance in the area i lived in. well they charged me for long distance on my next bill, i wont pay for it, and they are very ignorant. tey talk over you and there's always a catch.

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  • Gn
      Oct 19, 2009

    Solo should be investigated. Very bad provider and most of theire customer service knows nothing but just waste your time. I asked my service to be discontinued after my contract finished but they never did so after the agreed date. Then I called again and they told me i have to wait for another month. I called two days ago to make sure they cancel the service and they said they. Guess what they kept one phone and took the privilege to change the plan. So I called again and been waiting for 45 minutes. If I did not yell and talk about my rights and they will tell me again to wait and pay for another month.

    This company is a joke and a total rip off! Say no to Solo. Guard your hard earn money.

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  • Ki
      Feb 02, 2010

    We've tried for days to access the company and the website.. and now my daughter's phone is blocked?? They want to charge $3! to talk to a representative!!!

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  • En
      Apr 28, 2010

    I used my solo mobile phone as I have always done this month, yet I was charged $170 in surcharge! I am switiching to virgin mobile, I didn't find nearly as many complaints against them on here. I will follow up on here regarding when / how solo mobile replies to my complaint.

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  • So
      Jun 14, 2010

    I had a huge problem with solo
    here's a few things you can do:
    file a complaint with the better business bureau
    file a complaint with the ccts
    contact the consumer protection agency

    you still might not get the results you want, but at least it helps the next guy

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  • As
      Jul 26, 2010

    I have the same problem with Solo they try and find things to charge me for to hike up my and when you i them to explain they always blame me for the bill i think that entire company are professional thieves

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  • So
      Oct 08, 2010

    I've been trying for over 4 months now to receive my detailed call history for a span of 6 months including text, email, call history etc etc etc. Due to technical user acct deficiencies from Solo's side I'm unable to print nor access my Solo acct. as well. I've spoken to umpteen reps who all mainly reside in the Philippines including a very, very inconsiderate & ignorant Supervisor by the name of Arzen, employee ID# EX80020.
    We've spoke twice and I was assured that she had seen the reasons as to why the requested detailed call history was not being sent to my mailing address and had promised the requested doc's would arrive in the mail with a charge of $5.00 per monthly detailed invoice. Ha, what a joke rather I receive a charge for the requested 6 months itemized charges per month x6 and no detailed print outs. This has not only happened once but 3 times. So I waste my time again to call back and sure enough they credit my acct for the charges of the unreceived doc's. After the second talking with ARZEN, EMPLOYEE ID#800200 she has the nerve to tell me that if I do not receive the request at hand to call back and speak with another CSR. Duh, the reason why I'm speaking with you is due to the fact that umpteen previous CSR had been able to provide the doc's requested therefore, I've escalated this issue to you being a sup. So, naturally I still have not received what I'm requesting and have called back 4 times to request a call back from ARZEN, EMPLOYEE ID#EX800200 only to be brushed off by the CSR's who advise she is in a meeting and assure a message has or will be sent to her for a call back. Now we all know sup's don't have meeting each and every day! Moreover, I'm sure there are some great employees within Solo however, I will be escalting this to the President of the organization and the BBB. Too boot, this call centre does not even have access to ARZEN'S, EMPLOYEE#800200 superior.
    I feel better now that I've vented and shared the incompetence of this employee ARZEN, EMPLOYEE ID#800200
    I certainly hope no endures what Ive encountered with such shady people within the SOLO INFRASTRUCUTURE!!!


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  • Re
      Oct 22, 2010

    i being former unsatisfied customer of solo cellular would
    like to start a class action lawsuit against solo and bell.there are enough complaints lets wake up people can we afford
    a c note[$100] at 100 complaints thats a good start
    to pay an attorney such as anthony who deals with consumer complaints.any respondants e-mail me at;[protected] ; thanks S. [Sandy] A. Nemeth

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  • Pi
      Nov 10, 2010

    I also 100% agree to them being complete idiots! I have had nothing but trouble and am now FURIOUS...I can't even think about it without wanting to throw something lol...gah! They need to be stopped!
    Professional con artists I think so!

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  • Kb
      Dec 04, 2010

    take your complaint to C.C.T.S. their the communication commissionar, solo has to listen to them, aqnd they can help everyone being ripped off, continued no service by cutting you off, your phone service and still trying to bill you, then they cancel your phone and try billing you for rest of contract, they shut down your phone ande don t try to solve problem their in breech of contract, call CCTS., T5HEY ARE ONLINE, THE MORE COMPLAINTS THE MORE THEIR PRACTICES ARE LOOKED AT.

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  • Mi
      Jan 05, 2011

    I was lied to by my FIRST SOLO REP... So surprised huh... I was told I had a plan that I could call my husband while he is out of work and I am home in a snow storm with my son worried about him.. They gave me a plan $36 mo and I set up xmas eve... Now 12 days lster... MY PHONE IS BLOCKED for a bill of OVER 120.00... and the office is closed @ 6pm and It is 730 pm... They Blk your phone AFTERRRR your CAP is blocked even if it is there fault... and there is NOTHING you can do OTHER then pay the bill... I do have to say... I had an amazing REP in the CREDIT dept That was Empathetic.. FINALLY... and I wanted to mention him because he was willing to go above and beyond... I apologized for my tears.. and he told me to LET IT OUT! Wow... what an amazing man... he couldn't help.. but the talk was priceless... He gave me time he probly didn't have... and for that I appreciate.. However.. because I do not have a credit card and its passed 6pm... My son and I cant even say good night to daddy., .. and this may not seem huge.. but my dad died not to long ago right on my own living room floor... so good nights to daddies are PRECIOUS.. and no SOLO has me so UPSET!!! They don't care about the lives of the customers... they forget that even if they don't know u... KARMA"S A [censor]!!! Thank you again to the sweet agent that LISTENED... you are DEFINETLY an asset!!! BLESS YOU

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  • Ba
      Jan 24, 2011

    solo mobile is nothing but a [censor], i am using solo mobile n i realized that they are gonna make all the profits from my account because they have sent me a bill of $2700 for 1 day, yes its for 1 dayand when i asked them how it could be possible that one can use |$2700 in one day where weekend was totally free and it was fridayevening when i bought a sim so they told me that i have used their internet on my phone, guys you tell me that is it possible one can use internet of $2700 in one day
    yes solo is [censor] and i am allergic to [censor]

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  • Bo
      Mar 05, 2011

    solo mobile has just put misery in my life. I bought my phone 4 months ago, and know that the phone is broken, they where giving me [censor] . I would have to stay with a crappy phone for six weeks while the phone will be in reparation. So, i decided to go but they are making me pay an incredible price for the phone to leave, like 90$ when the phone is only worth 70$. So, clearly i am getting rip-toff .

    We have been getting the run around between customer service and the stores.
    Customer service is really bad.

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  • No
      Sep 11, 2012

    They are run by Bell Canada, so if you need to hate, hate on them. And the complaints will go nowhere, as they have been for the last 125+ years. Bell is stealing from us, and THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO. Just open our wallets, and be gouged like good Canadians. It's the Canadian way.

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  • An
      Mar 05, 2013

    Solo Mobole/Bell I finally ahd enough with the solo phone that was suppose to be so great as told to me by the kids they have working there ( should have known better). After numerous problems I finally phoned and cancelled my contract. At a cost to me of 200.00 so I paid and cancelled. Well 3 months later I recieve a bill with monthly charges, and the breakdown 0 calls out/ recieved, 0 texts sent/recieved. I phoned and said cancelled and paid 200.00 what is going on, so again cancell but paid them no money, the following months still got bills even though everything was 0 outgoing and incoming, you would think they would figure it out by now. I phoned and was bounced from solo to bell back to solo then bell i was getting played hard, after I had enough of this supposedly bell came to a decision pay another 32.50 oweing and it is over, done. I paid like a fool and they are now sending me harrasing phone calls asking for another 350.00 dollars so they want close to 580.00 dollars even though i was off contract and they signed me up for a new phone mailed to me and without knowledge a new contract, thought phone was for sticking it out and being my other phone was years old. Well I have phoned and asked to talk to people sending me messages in mail to find out i cannot talk to someone so high up in life above the rest of us. I had alot of bad experinces with solo and trusted there word they would make it right and never did. I cancelled my phone at this point and do believe the reason it was not resolved, each time i cancelled was language barrier, english, or they did not believe me. So what do I do actually give them more money over 300.00 and hope they go away or like last time pay and nothing resolved 2 times i paid and still they want more how do they come up with this, just keep taking as long as i give. No I am not rich and that much money is what i need to feed my family for almost two weeks, they need to be stopped and soon. There tactics are immoral and they have no time to listen cause they r always right. Well Solo needs to see waht people thimk of them to see if they need to change or fix the problems at there end, or do they not care for there customers.

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  • We
      Jul 29, 2013

    i was with solo for several years and left in july last year(2012) and my phone was cut off on the requested day but they're still charging me. i've called 30 times or more but only get someone working out of mamas basement and they don't do anything.i finally got ahold of a supervisor and she said that she would straighten it up. never happened and they kept billing me so i started sending them back then i get a collection agency so i send a letter to solo and then another collection agency so i went to crtc and quess what? no more problems. it doesn't surprise me though because they're part of bell and its all about money. all these big companies only care about they big bucks so they make it hard to get ahold of them because they don't want to hear from you. i paid $20.00 amonth each for two phones and only had 50 minutes together. what a ripe off. that's why they don't want any cheaper companies coming in because they have a gold mine here.

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  • Le
      Dec 30, 2013

    I was with solo mobile for 4 year half way into my contract they cut my service from digital to analog no knowing they where breaching my contract with them they sent me an analog phone. then this summer of 2013 my phone had broke . I asked to receive a new phone they had told me they don't send phones anymore and that I would have to go to a bell store. After an hour of telling them there was no store in my area they suggested that I switch to bell. So after still on the phone for just short of 2 hours they moved me to bell and had directed me to a store to pay a connection fee and get the phone I had picked. The store didn't sell bell mobile devices. So I stormed home after looking like an idiot. Called bell and they clam that its solos fault and that they would look into my recorded conversation. Needless to say bell did send me a phone only to find out they don't have coverage in my area. So now my line is canaled with solo .bell wants to cancal my line upon receiving the phone they sent me and I'm stuck with a 160 bill with no phone or line connected and still have to pay for the rest my contract with solo . these people are stunned and more importantly robbing me blind cuz now that I haven't played my bill because of there screw up I'm credit rating is shot and I can't even ask a different company to take me cuz they won't. way to back a man in to a corner solo/bell ur screw up has coated me my contact's and credit score and my sanity . Don't use bell/solo if u are from a small town they do not care they are just out for the money as u can see there both from they same network so there's no way the solo rep did not know this was gonna happen if not they hire people how know what there doing

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  • Ev
      May 28, 2014

    Is there any way to communicate by email or submit a complaint to bell re solo mobile?

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