Solo Mobilephone bill

I have a ceiling of 175. on my account. My first slide phone crapped out after a text was sent to me about I was eligible for a 50$ credit for signing of a 2 year plan. Fine...I went and got a new phone The LG flat screen thing. I had paid 40. and 35 $ the previous 2 weeks earlier. So I thought with the 50 $ phone bill credit I would be free and clear. A few days after I received a text saying I was approaching my 175 dollar credit. Hmmm..., then the calls started on the voice mail you know those annoying automated ones! So I went to the self serve on the web site (phone) and it said 38.32 ACCOUNT BALANCE. So I let it ride thinking ok there was a computer error. But I got cut off !!! I called and the explanation was Oh no sir that only reflects your last bill LOLOLOL I said no i have had the account for 3 years and that is what I OWE. HWen I pay the full amount it shows 0 $s, and they replied no that is your last bill and I RETORTED, IT SAYS ACCOUNT BALANCE NOT LAST BIILING. So I said ok bye bye. On Sunday they sent a text that read, payment received service I said to myself THERE I WAS RIGHT (account BALANCE was 0$$ ) and since when have they ever replied to anything on a SUNDAY!!! ???? So you will not believe what happened on MONDAY ! I received a TEXT SAYING I was approaching 175 $ and your service will be discontinued if the bill bill is not payed. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH !!! WHAT THE HELL ???? Today Tuesday ...nothing no TEXTS NO CALLS and i cannot access the self serve LOL to see MY ACCOUNT BALANCE (not the last bill) I hope someone from SOLO reads this and can see the IDIOCRACY of there company. If this continues I will bite the bullet and go somewhere else to the simpilest plan and company I can find HELL maybe just a home phone LOL

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