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peep, peep, cheep, CHEAP, CHEAP seems to be the motto for chick fil a and how they handle some of their operators.
I AM SPEAKING specifically of Tim Toms and his situation. I can e mail you my disgust and dissatisfaction
that i have expressed to jerry southerland over the last year. Not only have you split up Tim and his wife Anna
( my daughter) ...but now after he has suffered a year away from pass him up for a free standing store
that will be in direct competition with his mall store in knoxville tn. Tim left his home with great hopes that chick fil a
would allow him to prosper. it was almost a year ago when he and anna...( married 5 years now...)had to split up
for a while so time could operate the knoxville mall store. He has shown loyalty, he has obtained status ( at his previous
mall store) and he has shown leadership and other qualities that would allow him to advance and improved his life style
with a free stander and a mall store.
But NO NO ...says the corporate...this new store will go to some other favorite choice. so you have once again dumped on tim and have shown the cheapness of most other regular dog eat dog corporations. should not be so for an "obvious" christian company. Seems like you could treat him better. Etiher give him the free stander in he can allow anna to resign from her teaching position and relocate to a home in knoxville TOGETHER...or bring him back to the atlanta he can live at home again ...with some kind of position with chick fil a. after all he has 20 years logged with the company
so CHEAP CHEAP IS THE WORD... i should post a video on you tube showing the peep peep cheap cheap way you are handling his situation

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