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My agent Glenn had promise to sell my timeshare for $8000 but after time and time reduce to $3000 and I have not heard from them. I made numerous call to him and same as the other complaint they will not respond back. If you are decided to sell this is not the company for you. Think twice!

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  • Ti
      25th of May, 2007
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    I've also used this Glenn Sweeney as our listing agent. I've left him at least 10 voicemail messages and a 3 e-mails, and not once has he returned a call or e-mail. I'm not happy with the level of service from this company.

  • Be
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I own three hot time share properties. I get calls at least twice a week wanting to either buy or rent my time shares for bookuuu $$$. I laugh at them and then when we get down to a contract I tell them I want them to make at least 20% but my policy requires me to put no money down. Instead I will put monies in a separate account and will allow their company to retrieve their 20% when I receive my check from the the persons that want to rent my place. ooohhhh we can't do that thats against the law. Well its against my policy to give you dead beats any money until I first have mine. I own these properties and I make the policy. They usually hang up. Call your resort and they will tell you what you can rent them for and how much their really worth. I usually make at least my maintenance fee and exchange fee to friends. Most of these people are lyres.

  • Jo
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    He sold my timeshare. I dont know why you are all complaining. Maybe your timeshare is worth nothing like the ones you see on ebay.

  • Ma
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    I also was ripped by this company. They swore up and down to me and my husband that they were a marketing firm, not just a seller of timeshare that listed timeshares, they market them and have people stay at your timeshare. Big Joke! I fell for their sales pitch and television testimonial. I had told them that I was ripped off by a Century 21 realstate agent that took $495 and did nothing but put my timeshare on a listing. They promised me that they were different and with them the cost would be $805, because they market the timeshare. The owner of the company even said that they would be able to get the $495 from Century 21 because what they did was illegal, another big joke. I also tried contacting a Jean Lou, the person who talked us into this scam. He made his money and never responded by email or phone. They are heartless. In response to the person who got their timeshare sold, your lucky, but my timeshare is a spectacular timeshare, right on the beach with everything you would want, so her comment, doesn't hold ground. This is not an ebay timeshare.

  • Na
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    Your price must be to high because they sold mine in less then three months. Its to bad that you never get to hear the good things about a company. Everyone is qwick to post negative feedback and you never get to hear about all the good things they do for people.

  • Ta
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    this company called me unsolicited, expecting me to volunteer credit card information to pay for fees to sell properties I don't own. I went along with the call just to get more information to forward to authorities. but I was quoted a price for non-existent properties and asked how I would like to pay for the fees to sell my properties. I gave them bogus credit card information. it was clear they already had my name, number and address which means someone sold my information to these degenerates.

    the site is registered through I submitted the call info to both as well as the FTC and will submit an organized crime ticket to the FBI. ridiculous. perhaps these people should google the persons they're trying to hustle. - which involved a multi-billionaire Rockefeller backed company.

    given all the fraud spam I see daily that I dismiss because I know right away it's fraud, the last thing I will believe is anyone calling me from a blocked number claiming to want to sell something for me w/out even inquiring if I even own property

    the license numbers they volunteered so graciously after receiving bogus credit card information: TC3215 or TC13215 - hard to hear, their scam phone wasn't working properly. and also TP13422 as well as claim their office address is 300 31st North, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

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