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These people are really criminal. They mislead you into believing that your purchasing a license to use the software that you originally google searched. I got screwed searching for Nero CD burning software but I see that someone elso on this site did the same thing searching for Adobe. I am sure they are set up to get anyone looking for any of the more common user software. I tried to cancel the very second I saw the page that loaded AFTER I had given my credit card info, but I was out of luck. I called Citibank and they will dispute it and I have also started a complaint with my states Attorney General internet fraud site. We will see what becomes of it. someone needs to stop these thieves for screwing all the people who are tricked at their site but unless someone gets government involved they will just keep on doing the same thing. I wish there was a site that was as well manned as Snopes for reporting scammers. At least you can vent on this one although it probably doesn't do any good because who reads this page except people that have already been screwed. Are there any class action lawyers out there that want to make some money. Suing these people (they operate under more than one name) would be a hugh class as there couldn't be any satisfied customers for what they are doing.

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  • Be
      Mar 30, 2009

    I had the same exact ting happen tp me. Iv'e been a nero user for a long time.I puchassed nero9 and was assured it was the full copy. nero 9 is a piece of junk and nero need to be ashamed of itsellf for scamming nero users with this nero 9. its missing mp2 and they want you to purchase the plug in seperately.

    Nero 9 is a huge rip- off and they need to be investigated for false advertizing. i will never purchase nero again. io uninstalled 7 and 9.

    There must be some other good sofware out there some where?

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  • Wi
      Nov 19, 2009

    Since I had been using Nero 8 for a couple of years and it's Nero ShowTime played BD-ROM media (movies), after paying for a plug-in, I assumed that Nero 9 would do the same thing. There advertisement doesn't say anything about not playing BD-ROM media, and, in fact, blatantly advertises their Blu-ray Disk Authoring Capability.

    After trying the free download, I discovered that all of the features weren’t enabled unless I purchased a license, which I did. When I discovered that BD-ROM media would still not play back, I asked Technical Support why not, and they simply told me that it wouldn’t, but that I could run both Nero 8 and Nero 9 side by side. Not only did the new installation corrupt the old installation, but I sure don’t want to keep both programs on my PC.

    After paying for the Blu-ray Disk Authoring Plug-in, I tried to play back a Blu-ray movie that I had stored on my PC and wanted to edit, only to discover that I had to also purchase a DTS Plug-in, if I wanted to hear the audio.

    Due to their greed, Nero is guilty of misleading advertising. They mislead you into believing that their product does more than it can, and they also mislead you into believing that all of the advertised features are included. But if you take the time to read the entire ad, which is lengthy, you’ll discover that some of the features are not included and must be purchased as plug-ins. It’s their marketing strategy to put all of the features up-front in their ad and make you hunt for the additional required purchases and other disclaimers. They know that most people are in a hurry and won't read the entire ad. I did read the entire ad and knew that there were two plug-ins that were available. But because I didn't see a disclaimer, made a bogus assumption that BD-ROM playback would continue as a feature.

    Nero has released a slightly degraded and incomplete product and uses misleading advertising to promote it. In addition, their Technical Support is not very good, and costly, if you want telephone support. Nero has lost me as a customer. There are other products out there that are better than Nero. They cost a little more, but I’d rather pay a little more to get a better product.

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  • Ne
      Jan 17, 2010

    Do not buy this product, Nero 9 is a waste of money, when I had an issue with the download and it did not work with Window Vista, I reqested my money back, I first called there sales Number they told me that they dont give refunds, but in the terms and agreement it says 14days no questions asked... When i mentioned this they said they only gave refunds if there was a technical issue... Then pointed me to thier pay by the minuete technical support line... I emailed my issue as asked on thier web site, and gave screen shots of the issue asking for refund, agian they said they dont give refunds... By doing research online I found sever people going thru the same thnig all had to go to the BBB(better buissness buereu) Which i did as well and got my refund in 3 days after... So 2 part re-cap, one dont buy this product, 2nd if you have and are trying to go thru the steps for a refund, start the revocational process form the terms and agreement and contact the BBB and put a compaint to add to the many others... I hope this helps someone like the blog i found helped me...

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  • Sc
      Apr 01, 2010

    I bought an HP dvd1170 DVD player from Wal-Mart. Nero 9 software came with it. It turns out, the burner will not burn anything that is not created using Nero 9, and the software I received does not have movie editing options. If I want to call Nero's online help center, it will cost 1.29 per minute! I'm returning the DVD player and writing to Nero and the BBB. Shame on Wal-Mart for perpetuating this scam.

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