sofaworks/wire atollo ice white sofa/chair/footstoolnot fit for purpose

In April 2014 we purchased a leather 3 seated sofa, chair & footstool ( wire -- atollo ice white/sapphire). We also took out the premier care 5 year insurance & purchased a leather care kit (as advised). The furniture cost us £1500 which was a reduced price as the furniture was ex-display & we saw no faults. It arrived in may and by July we had a couple of stains removed under the insurance, (excellently done). We pointed out to the upholsterer the creases in the seating & he said it was called puddling & we should pat the seats & plump the cushions. He also said if they got any worse to let them know and they would come out & see to it. On the 13th October a hole & scratches were repaired, & on 21st october a crack was repaired. (Both were deemed as accidents but we know nothing happened). Since then the puddling of the seats has got worse even after plumping & massaging (there must be something wrong with the leather/filling ) when you have to do this every time you sit on the seats. A dark patch has also appeared on the front edge of one of the settee seats. My wife has tried to clean it with the kit we bought(to no avail). I phoned sofaworks and spoke to Liam & was asked to submit photos by email. I received an email today 5-01-14 saying it was a maintainance issue & we should plump the seats & use the cleaning kit(I had told Liam on the phone we had done this). The email I received was from Alastair. It seems they don't talk to each other so what chance have we got of receiving any attention. He also said if a service manager were sent out we would be charged £47. To sum uup there are only 2 of us in the house & it is hardly used, if we can't sit on the furniture without it "puddling" or "staining" then it is not fit for purpose. Shame on Sofaworks we are pensioners & £1500 is a lot of money. We will be taking this further.

Jan 06, 2015

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