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1 Mooresville, NC, United States

I purchased 2 leather sofas on 12/15/2012 with 5 year peace of mind protection plan $ total bill was $2, 767.02. Last month I notice one of the cushions was missing some leather. These sofas are very rarely used. I contacted the Montage Insurance and my claim was declined...they gave every reason in the book...apparently the insurance covers everything except poor product. A leather sofa that cost several thousands of dollars should last more than 2 years and especially if these sofas are used rarely. If the insurance doesn't cover it who does...I will never buy another item from Ashley Furniture and if you do PLEASE do not buy the insurance...the Ashley's saleman at the time of purchase made it sound better than sliced bread.

sofa/Oakmere turffle/truffle

Dec 18, 2014

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