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SOE/Vanguard Sagaof Heros / Customer Service

1 TX, United States

O k it's now day 3-4 of this issue and no one has yet to contact me. (I believe the staff has blocked receiving the customer survey report to try ensure their superiors do not receive this info)
I will now provide you with more facts as now my guild and other guilds have done repeated tests concerning the bug created by the most recent VG patch that in my case I was falsely accused of using in game exploits and then unjustly banned due to a completely different bug than the pet macro's the GM staff claims I was using.
This bug involves absolutely no macro's whatsoever and we now are 100% sure what causes the shaman bird pet to load multiple attacks within 2 seconds time almost instantly killing a good percentage of different classes(results have varied some with heavily protected and armored characters)
I will now outline all the data I have gathered with the help of other good people and absolutely 0 help or concern from the GM staff as many customers have been trying to get to the bottom of this via tests and petitions and now GM's are threatening players who are just trying to help wrongs set right, and GM Volson is now making guild threats.
DAY 1 (2/05/08)
PVP vs Havoc and 1st sign of this new bug happens and player Stabfast plagues me in /tells for it seemed like an hour and also /tells from player Jazzaar accusing me of using a pet attack macro, calling me names and making threats of /petition while they tried to kill me a few times. My repeated replies to them explaining that I'm not using a pet macro and didn't know what was going on except that it may be a new increase in pet damage via the 02/05/08 VG Patch that morning and encouraged them to /bug /petition if they wished. A while later GM Volson asked for a moment of my time, and I offered my full cooperation to GM Volson try and figure out what was going on and then spent over an hour testing the pet damage with Volson and almost the whole time he kept asking me if I was using a pet macro, which I wasn't and had just recently only heard about the Necro class using “pet speed attack macro's” but I had no idea what they were or how they worked and never once tried to use one or obtain one.
The outlined box shows the button I was pushing to attack and during each test I pushed only that button and only once which each time resulted in killing the GM within 2 seconds, I had no idea why this was happening and could only assume it was the game patch VG installed that morning as the day before this was not happening.
Volson's repeated asking if I was using a macro was getting annoying as I was not using one.
I tried to remain nice and patient with the GM which got tuffer as it then gave me an impression that I was lying to him. After at least an hour of this with GM Volson I had to log out to go eat and at that point I offered the GM to log on my that account to assure him of any doubts he may have been having. He replied was I believe “No thank you we will get to the bottom of this, Thank you for your time.” he then left as did I.
THE NEXT DAY (day 2) (2/06/08)
I started roaming the game world pvping and ended up pvping for around 2 hours in the city of Khal and not once in that time my pet attack anyone the same way it was the day before (I then assumed that GM Volson got the bug fixed) NOTE: I was fighting with 3 guild mates vs 4-6 from the guild MIM and they beat us up mostly in that session and my pet basically appeared to do very little damage to most of my opponents with a 1 vs 1 with Chicana (ranger lvl 50) which lasted around 4-5 mins and my pet was attacking him a lot during the fight with no sign of the bug it had the day before.
<I logged out for a break> Later that day (day2)
Now in Razad pvping 2 from guild LAW Baruka (50 monk) and Goroka (50 bear shaman) no sign of the pet bug yet although I was killed as I was passing a chunk line and then mt character bugged (I had 0 health and couldn't use any spells/abilities/nothing and also had a death window open and counting down to alter.) They both started harrasing me with name calling cheater-hacker /tells and Goroka said he was petitioning me. I told them “I was dead and didn't know what was going on but I'm no hacker and encouraged them to /petition /bug it so that also could be hopefully fixed..1st time I ever saw that bug” I pvped for another hour or so in Razad with no sign of bugs.
I then traveled to the next chunk, Varryn Dunes and did /who and was alone and pushed the AUTO GUARD COMMAND on the pet toolbar. I started to small break as I was alone in the chunk and suddenly heard the *swoosh* noise an invisible or stealthed character makes when one is very close and encountered a big lag spike/freeze as my FPS dropped from 25 to 1-7 for a few moments and hit /who again and it showed only me in the chunk for the next 5-10 mins but the lag spikes and *swoosh*
and I assume that a GM was by me doing something. <shrug>.
I went afk 2 mins for a drink and when I sat back down I get attacked from behind by a 50 sorcerer and before I could react my pet killed him from autoguard, he died in 1 second by the now reoccurred new bug. And as I conversed in /shout with the still dead Sorcerer and he complained and I explained that the same thing was going on in (Day 1 patch day) and assumed Volson had the bug fixed as I had been on for hours (Day 2) pvping and it hadn't happened once until just now. So as I monitored /who for more enemies and the whole time showing just the 2 of us and the dead Sorc I had targeted 30m away. And now all of a sudden another *swoosh* and then a CTD. I quickly re log so the Sorc doesn't get a jump on me as I logged and discover that /who shows me alone again and then looked up the patch notes from the day before to see if any info could give me a clue and one catches my eye as I think of one thing that may have happened differently this day...I had my pet summoned and crossed the chunk lines from Razad to Rahz Inkur to Varryn Dunes.
Necromancer–Fixed a bug with Necro-Abomination pet graft abilities not working after chunking.
And I wondered if the VG team introduced this new bug with this change somehow. And over the next 5-10 minutes I crossed a chunk line to see if I can get a chance to test if the bug is triggered by crossing the chunk line and I kept tying to message GM Volson and then the *swoosh*/lag happens again and /who again shows me alone in the chunk and so I /tell Volson again and he is online and I am still hearing the noise of a character invis near me + lower FPS. I say “Can I help?” he replies “No, Can I help you?” my reply “Is that you following me here invis?” his reply “No, why do you ask?” and I explain the noise/lag and the CTD and ask if he knows what's going on or who it was and he replies.
“I have no idea” and I asked him if he found out what was going on with the pet damage and he replied “Yes, it will be fixed soon” my reply “Nice, hey I had an idea that the bug may be related to the Necro-Pet fix, do you have time to come test it with me?” his reply “No, the problem is being taken care of” and then I'm attacked from behind by 50 monk Baruka.
And in a split second Baruka hit's me with several attacks simultaneously that drops my health from 100% health (4500ish) to around me having 5% left and my pet on autoguard kills him 4-5 seconds later and might have killed him sooner but he was spam jumping 30-50m in the air and my pet did appear to be doing the bugged fast damage.
And then I tried to message GM Volson again so I could tell him that I'm thinking the damage bug is being triggered by the pet crossing a chunk line but said he was offline.
So I thought of how fast that monk was able to do over 4k damage to me in 1 second which over the last 2-4 months at least I start recalling fights with Monk and Rogue classes and guild mates who sometimes complained about being one shotted in 1-2 seconds (actually VG designed Monk/Rogue multiple attack macro's that in most cases where killing their opponents faster than or as fast as my pet was killing off and on since this new patch bug)
I then decided to make a /petition as I realize “How can this all be right?” and why are Monks and Rogues being allowed for months now to basically do the same thing as Necro pets and now, only newly apparent to me Shaman pets. Which is pvp killing other players with 3-5+ attacks in 1-2 seconds and why is there nothing being done by VG when Monks/Rogues do it?? And I am now being informed by many players that Monks and Rogues doing this is not only allowed but encouraged!!!?!!
I understand that they don't have heals or pets but those don't even become a factor as the kills are usually done in 1 second.
As I am close to submitting this /petition concerning these issues I hear the *swoosh* again over and over plus my FPS drop again but /who shows only me in the chunk and this combined with the fast macro attacks and bugged issues I'm experiencing with my pet that I'm getting grilled over really about it. ROGUE EXAMPLE:
At this point I'm starting to feel a bit harassed not only by THE PLAYERS COMPLAINING AND NAME CALLING & FALSE ACCUSATIONS, ETC But now with the tests and treatment and the soon to be very apparent mistrust GM Volson is harboring about me, despite my complete honesty and full cooperation. And to add to that trying to continue on my own to find out what is going on with my pet over the last 2 days since that patch!
Now as I'm scratching my head over all this I begin to feel very annoyed by all of these issues.
The now off and on 1-2 hours of hearing what can only be a GM hovering over me causing me bad lag spikes, false pvp alarms and a CTD are starting to wear thin and I close the petition concerning (which only confronted why Monk and Rogues) just in time as a group of players rush me and the next hour or so I spend pvping in and around this same area plus the GM popping in and out here and there which I believe may have caused 2 more CTD's and aided in me dying a few more time that I would have if not for the lag and CTD's this GM(or VG staff member) is causing gets me very annoyed with the whole situation.

So I stop what I'm doing and move to a safe place and I send GM Volson another tell asking him if he knows whats going on, he claims to not know. I then ask him if he could find out and offer my full cooperation and assistance with whatever the issue may be and he refuses to assist me and tells me he is busy.
So I take a bit of a break and start to discuss things with friends when I express my now agitated state and I accidentally MT Volson a couple of times and then he asks me if those were really miss tells which I allowed to kinda offend me and he asked what I was referring to inquiring about the Mt's and at this point I vent my current frustrations with the issues and situation to Volson stating that I feel like I'm being harassed a bit here and unjustly so as I am breaking no rules and even to this date have offered full cooperation from VG beta to present day and didn't much like being treated like the cat who ate the canary and then took a 30-40 minute break from the game to calm down.

As I return to play some more in a calmer state but still mildly agitated. Me and a guild mate go to pvp and 20 minutes later I CTD once again and decide to take another 30-40 minute break and eat dinner.
And when I log back in I notice almost my whole toolbar/combat set up missing which has happened before when a GM has logged into my account to fix something. And after finding out that most of the coreUI tool bars clear I had started rearranging my set up as to keep the re set up time to a minimum (I use a coreUI set up which is different than a VG generic one and has twice as many tool bars that I would make half for combat and the other half for craft but those times and takes some time to set up all the spells/attacks/crafting recipes, etc).
This made me very upset as my current /petition pertained to Monks and Rogues which would require no need to log onto the account. I couldn't understand why a GM logged onto my account while I was logged in causing me to crash to desktop. I could only assume at this point that GM Volson crashed my game intentionally to try and catch me using a pet macro as he kept asking about on Day 1 as no other reason as to why came to mind as I had done nothing wrong and the pet macro Volson badgered me on was the only reason I could think as to why.
I then pulled open the current unanswered petition and modified it while very upset at the current treatment by mainly the GM staff and modified it addressing my new concerns over feeling now harassed heavily by whoever is was following me around causing me to have a very poor gaming experience with all the distractions extra lag from whoever the staff member was following me.
I felt like I deserved some sort of explanation at this point as to who was doing all this to me and why it was being done. Here is the GM reply to that petition
And he tells me I have nothing to worry about if I was doing nothing wrong. And I felt that way already and the fact that a GM was following me didn't bother me and it had happened a couple other times over the last year but never to the extent it went to this day as who ever it was seemed to be teleporting in and out on me for I believe 2 hours and maybe longer and this action kept causing lag while I was pvping, CTD and an all to often alert that I was fixing to be jumped from behind again.
I STRONGLY FELTTHAT I WAS BEING TREATED WRONG BY THE EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY I PAY TO PLAY, WORK FOR. The bottom line here is these are the people who are employed with money people like me spend to help insure a great gaming experience for my money I pay each month. SOE does have some sort quality level of the gaming experience in mind for their/your customers? So far does this sound about par as a “good” quality level? Is this the bar?
And now the kicker, since I missed getting my last petition handled when I was not online.
I then had to rewrite another one as GM Volson's mail reply was very unhelpful and the next petition was answered by another GM who couldn't explain to me why I was being treated the way I was and GM Moonlite contacted me and banned the account accusing me of in game exploiting and a few days later an email was sent (after a lot of trouble just to get an explanation of why and what)
The email GM Moonlite sent and the reasons why included around 80% fabricated information, and now after seeing what kind of people are running things here we are blocking Sony, SOE and any other affiliated company from all of our credit lines as no part of what is allowing these kinds of things to be served to their customers will not receive another red cent of our money. Blacklisted

Here is what players using their free time to solve this mystery over the course of the last 3-4 days
1)The bug was created by the last vanguard patch and this was not an issue for my character the day before and any days before that NEVER until this patch. My people have now educated GM Moonlite about this bug and this GM has no cares whatsoever that their were mistaken.
This info will now be publicly distributed as a public service to the community.


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