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Social Tool Kit / Social Tool Kit

1 Pell City, AL, United States Review updated:

Signed up by a company called Grant Search Educational Software. They talked me into trying their software and said they would sign me up to Social Tool Kit which wouldn't cost me anything. They were going to be sending me a cd like the Grant Search company did. I never got a cd from the Social Tool Kit and basically forgot all about it. I noticed 34.85 being taken from my account three times, that's when I realized this is the company Grant Search signed me up for and I never even received anything. I tried calling the number on their web site and e-mailing them but only received an e-mail response saying that they would get back to me, they would never answer the phone but only ask you to leave a phone number. The Grant Search Company acted like they never heard of the company when I called them trying to get some information. I basically will have to close my account to get both companies to stop charging my account for useless information. It would be one thing if the company would cancel my enrollment but they ignore any request so they can take more money from my account. Steer clear of both of these companies

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  • Ja
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    Social Tool Kit some how got my credit card and email address and charged me for a service I never wanted nor agreed to. MY credit company is working with me to solve it but I had to cancel my credit card and start a new one to avoid continuous charges. They are such ###. I sent numerous emails stating that I DID NOT want there service and for them to CANCEL AND DELETE any service or information they have on me. I should be find because I have saved multiple emails that I sent to them regarding the notice for them to cancel the account BEFORE their "trial" period was over of which I NEVER requested. Stay away from this service/company they are scammers.

  • Jr
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    another name googlerevolution goes by is, at least that's who billed me the $73.83 usd.

    one of the many scam outfits google revolution shared my visa info with was social tool kit, who outright refuses to refund my money. after writing a lengthy explanation to my visa provider, they finally agreed to initiate a charge back. apparently the process takes several weeks to complete. i have also provided the visa co. with any privacy policies and terms & conditions i can find. apparently, by law, visa cannot come between two parties of a contract, so now it's up to socialtoolkit to produce the contract/terms i agreed to.

    interestingly, if you look at the privacy policies of google revolution and moneyseachtoday, they are exactly identical. and i'm sure there are several other online companies with the exact same policy.

    their privacy policy clearly states the following:

    Protecting personally identifiable information about our partners and clients is an essential cornerstone of our business. We share and disclose such information only as described below. 1) when we need to share your information with third parties, such as banks and credit card processors, to provide the product or service you have requested; 2) it is appropriate to comply with law; 3) it is necessary to enforce or apply the terms and conditions of our Terms of Service and/or other applicable agreements; or 4) it is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of our users, or others, which may include the exchange of information with other organizations for fraud protection and/or risk reduction. In the event that our company is acquired, customer account information may be one of the transferred assets.

    moreover, moneysearchtoday's terms and conditions state this:

    Certain products or Services may be offered for sale on the Sites. In the event you wish to purchase or to subscribe for any of these products or Services, you will be asked by Money Search Today to supply certain information, including without limitation, your full name, address, telephone number and credit card information. You agree to provide Money Search Today with the foregoing information as well as any other mandatory information that is accurate, complete and current, and to comply with the terms and conditions of any agreement that you may enter into governing your purchases. You shall be responsible for all charges incurred through your account as well as for paying any applicable taxes.
    If you open a subscription account on any of the Sites, you hereby agree to pay all charges to your account, including any applicable taxes, in accordance with billing terms in effect at the time the fee or charge becomes payable. Money Search Today reserves the right to change the amount of, or basis for determining, any fees or charges, and to institute new fees, charges or terms effective upon notice to Members.

    obviously, one does not have to open any other subscriptions; these ###ers gladly do it for you, without your consent or knowledge.

    googlerevolution's terms and conditions fail to even address any future purchases/subscriptions, however they willing breach their own privacy policy by passing on your banking information to these other scam artists.

  • Am
      4th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I HAD THE SAME THING HAPPEN... I hope to get my charges reversed, as this company and everything about it (including good "reviews" that I read about) are [censored].

    Any advice for me? As I've had it happen more recently...

  • Ch
      5th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    These domains all belong to a Steve Comer in Utah, they are all part of the same scam:


  • Bu
      12th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wish I would have known about this social toolkit scam before i tried it. I tried to dispute the charges with my credit card company but this social toolkit sent them all kinds of paperwork that also talked about things I never received so my credit card is putting one month's charges back on my card. This also happened with click sell go which I never wanted either. I am so upset.

  • Gt
      5th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Socialtool kit is a scam.
    They charged my account and than started to tell me that the trial period was 14 days and not 30 as they initially told me on the phone when i signed up.
    They told me that they were going to request the recording. I have been calling them several times to get that recording but for some reason the mean lady on the phone said that my recording did not come. even after 3 months.
    WATCH out. They are thieves. (gtaho)

  • Je
      9th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too had a frustrating experience with this company that, ironically, also began back in July 2009. A collection company called me about a month ago claiming I owed $274 dollars but they would settle for about $40. You have to hold your ground with these companies, which I did. Two weeks ago the collection company sent me confirmation that I owe nothing. Today, I still got a call from the collection company but thankfully, I was armed with every name, phone number and e-mail I had received. To be honest, the collection company, Capital Keystone, was very professional and understanding. Travis, at (801) 988-6631 and Chad, were both great professionals who listened carefully without judgement in order to get the full story. However, one representative from Social Toolkit was particular rude and unprofessional. A month ago she did not return phone calls when promised and also failed to contact the collection company letting them know the status of my complaint. The collection company would not have known if hadn't taken the initiative. Tonight she actually hung up the phone on me as I was trying to explain to her that the collection company had indicated I owed nothing. I asked for a confirmation e-mail from her so I would know she had a conversation with Capital Keystone which I guess she took as a challenge. Her name is Chris in their Compliance Department and can be reached at (801) 988-6631.

  • Ve
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This company is really messed up! I've been dealing with them for a week now. Nothing but a bunch of liars and crooks!

  • Ve
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Join the facebook group I just started to expose this company for what it really is!

  • Kb
      20th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I recently received an email stating that my card was declined for a social tool kit account I "tried" out for what I was told 25 days with NO obligations. However, I was never told that I was going to be charged anything if i did not call them and cancel before the 25 days. This website is a complete scam. I never received anything from them in the mail after signing up, like every other person who has complained here. This type of business should not be legal. I am glad that I had recently switched banks in which i deposit my checks to otherwise I would have been charged. To anyone reading this IMMEDIATELY CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT OR DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SOCIALTOOLKIT.COM.

  • Mr
      7th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Social Tool Kit has disrupted my marriage and turned my account upside down. I had issues with them charging my credit card for a shipping fee to recieve a supposed CD, I never recieved it. Then they charged my account some blown up charge and I disputed it and I thought won and had it canceled. This was in 2009, now in 2011 I recieved another charge to my credit card out of the blue and called and the lady was the rudest customer assoc. I have ever come into contact with. They are crooks and scam artist I have reported them to the BBB. Theres nothing you can do once they have your money but get [censor]. I have tried and raised all types of questions and concerns about these scammers. We all need to ban together and contact our State reps. to look into their practices.

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