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I had my son in March of 2014. I still have not received social security card. I have had his name on the mailbox since he was born due to my mail man not leaving anything unless the name is on the mailbox. I have missed days from work, I have been through extremely rude reps via the 800 number, no sympathy and of course no info on what's going on even after verifying all the info. I can't not believe our tax money is paying for their salary and we still get the treatment that we do. They are useless as well due to not being able to provide any info or help, I have gotten the direction to contact the local office or call them. So why is the call center there for then? I would love a job with social security to be able to talk back, be rude and say what I feel to the customers because that's what we are customers at the end of the day and not get in trouble for my attitude. I would love a job like that. I have missed out on money because of the times I had to take off work. Even when you go in person they are not helpful at all. I don't even know if my son's card is out there in someone's hands already. A brand new social #. Smh. This is ridiculous. You can't even file a proper complain because there is no site that will allow you too except this one I found. This is really sad.

Jan 29, 2015

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