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On a search for something special for my wife, I came across a Web site, So Sensuelle, that advertised having a number of items that I could purchase for my wife's birthday. I had ordered from another French-based Web site two days earlier, for a piece of lingerie, which I ended up getting a week before my wife's birthday. A few months earlier, I purchased a bra that was of limited supply from another site, and now wanted the matching Aubade Soupirs a Moscou tanga, that ended up being a significant challenge. I found it on So Sensuelle, and went to order, but was stunned to find that the international shipping cost for a single panty would run me $45! I would never pay that much, even accounting for the sale price for the tanga. I then checked if the shipping cost would stay the same if I ordered a second item, which it did. I then spent about 20 minutes on the site, and found an Aubade bra that I hadn't seen anywhere else being in stock, and ordered it, even though it was one size larger than my wife's typical size, figuring I could rationalize the excessive shipping cost if I purchased two items. I got two e-mails that night detailing that the order went through. Then six days passed, and not a word. I finally decided to reply then, asking for an update on the order, concerned that I would not get the shipment before my wife's birthday. I received an e-mail the next day, and it said that it had been shipped out. By now, I'd pretty much given up getting the gift before my wife's birthday. But eight days between ordering and shipping a single item was ridiculous in my book. And in that e-mail, it still listed that two items were being shipped. Later that same day, though, I got another e-mail stating I was to be refunded for the second item, as they indicated it ended up not being in stock. So I sent an e-mail in reply, asking for some clarification, would I be getting one or two items? Another five days of waiting for a reply. In that reply, it cited I'd be refunded for the product, but that the $45 shipping would remain in place. I replied back to them, frustrated in how I ended up waiting until four days after my wife's birthday to receive the item. What made this shipment even more frustrating is that with a previous item from another French supplier, I was able to use FedEx as well, and use thier service to pick it up at a nearby pickup/dropoff center, as I couldn't be home when deliveries typically come to the door. I had tried to set that up on this package from So Sensuelle, and three days of frustration ensued, with me needing to make multiple calls to FedEx, only to eventually learn in the end that So Sensuelle didn't pay the necessary fee to FedEx for it to offer this service, and what resulted is that FedEx tried twice to drop it at my house despite my repeated requests to have it sent to a dropoff center. When I explained this whole situation to So Sensuelle in the e-mail, in their failure to provide the products as advertised, and that it took two weeks for me to receive the items, which was unacceptable considering the massive $45 shipping cost, they sent a pathetic "We are sorry" two sentence e-mail that took no responsibility for their failures, and showing no willingness to budge on any additional reimbursement. For those who might want to use this company for international shipments, especially to the U.S. — STAY AWAY!

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      11th of Sep, 2013

    I am having the same problem with this firm, I am in the UK so not as far, but Ihave had lots of emails stating they are having problems with the suppliers and that it wont be long before I get the items. they are quite polite emails but it is now over a month so I am going to log a case with Paypal. I would definitely not use them again.

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      17th of Sep, 2013

    I have put a post on this complaint board about so-sensuelle but I may well have resolved the problem. My money has been refunded within two days of "opening a case" with paypal. So-sensuelle have come back to me with a photo of my bras and said they will give me one free. As these bras are being discontinued I am very keen to get them. they said they would send by UPS immediately, I will check the delivery before I accept it - just in case. If all is ok then I will post under my original comment on another part of this board. I did live in France for some time and I cant tell you the problems I had just with the banks!!

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      31st of Dec, 2013

    I agree . DO NOT USE SO SENSUELLE AT ANY COST it is simply not worth it. In the past they were very slow and in the end couldn't supply all the items that they said were available on their site. They offered me a partial order - but what is a load of knickers without a matching bra? In the end and after a long wait I got a partial refund.
    I thought I would give them another try after several months - especially as there was a specific Aubade set that I wanted that I couldn't locate in the UK.
    I ordered the items on 24 November (thinking there would be plenty of time before Christmas). I didn't hear anything for a few weeks so I contacted them and they said they had a problem with their supplier and I would get the items in 2 more weeks. Nothing arrived so I chased again (they told me they had a further problem with stock being taken from their warehouse and that they couldn't give me a delivery date). It has now been 5 weeks. I have managed to find and purchase the items elsewhere so contacted them to say I would accept a refund or if they could get me 1 of the items I would take that and the outstanding balance as a refund.
    At this stage they still can't give me a date when they can get the 1 item to me though.
    They contacte me today and said they will only give me the partial/balance refund once this one item is despatched (and at this stage there is no date as they are unable to source the item - so I have no idea when they will give me the refund).
    This is FRAUD and I think the French office of fair trading (or equivalent) should be notified of their fraudulent activity towards customers. SImilarly the banks and payment houses that offere payment through So Sensuelle should also be notified
    My experience with them is that they take your money (sit on the interest for as longs as possible) and then only give you a refund after you have made many complaints. Does anyone have any advice on how to escalate this to the relevant authorities?

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      31st of Dec, 2013

    Yes, agreed. I used them again as they had discounted huit bras that had sold out in the UK. the minute I put the order in they emailed me back and said they had had a burglary in their warehouse and couldn't supply the items for 2 weeks. I didn't believe them and contacted American Express immediately and sent the relevant emails to them. I spoke to Amex about this company and said the same thing you did that I suspected they were sitting on the money but Amex said that couldn't be the case as the money is withheld until a certain amount of time has elapsed, they don't get the payment immediately. Anyway I lodged a case against them and I shall now get a full refund. You may well get your item but it is a risk. They have stopped using Paypal now maybe because the resolution centre is so quick to refund. I would not recommend using this company as I have not once had a speedy delivery, and if you miss the deadline from whichever company you have paid through you may well never get your money back.

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  • Ri
      6th of Feb, 2014

    FRAUD!!! No goods, no money, no answer. I will go to French police to start investigation.

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  • Ja
      17th of Apr, 2014

    My husband ordered me some goods to the value of over £400.00 in December, for my Christmas Present. A week before Christmas he contacted So sensuell and they said that the warehouse had been burgled and that they would send the items asap. In February, after numerous emails, one set was delivered with an apology. Lucky me, I got something for valentines day!!. Hoping that I would receive the other goods by my birthday at the end of Feb, he emailed them again asking for a refund if they couldn't send the items in time. A week later I received a load of stuff, but nothing that he ordered and we returned them all requesting a refund. We received an email saying that as they were returns their policy wasn't to refund and that we could re-order. We put our trust in them and re-ordered. It is now the middle of April and we haven't received anything.

    Do Not use this company. We will now be going back to our bank to see if we can get a refund from them.

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      12th of Apr, 2015

    The company was supposed to refund $ 80.00EU for the product tat was not delivered, . However, they did not. Initially they sent an offer to order something else with a coupon. When I did it, I received a very polite email informing me that there has been a delay. After that I sent several emails requesting a refund. But nobody answers. What do you do to recover the money. I live in Canada.

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  • An
      5th of Jul, 2015

    Since nobody answers the emails, anymore, I am going to find out about the International Fraud Committee, maybe something will be done. It is simply unbelievable that the company gets away from being charged!

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