Snyder Donald DDS --Orthdnts--Fradulent Billing


I seen Dr. Snyder for dental services in 11/2004, After calling the dental office speaking with billing department I advise the office that I will no longer continue my orthodontics care. I was advised that my bill was current and they will credit my insurance company back and my balance was $0. A few years letter I received a letter stating that I had over $1, 000 balance for services and was served a summons from the lawyer. After trying to call the office they advise me the lady I was dealing with no longer works for them and it doesn't matter and I owe them the balance. So I called my Dental insurance and advise them after doing and investigation that my last service date was 07/2005 and they continued to bill my insurance company thru 07/2006, for treatment they did not continue nor complete..

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