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Someone needs to stand up for those poor stylist working in that salon I'm not quite sure but maybe a couple of weeks ago there salon had flooded due to walmart a not even there fault which the water that came in to there salon happened to be from the men and women's restroom ( I find that disgusting)however they are forced to work in sun satisfactory salon because no one had fixed there salon which probably is growing mold by now!! When I asked the stylist why it was still not fixed all they could say is we keep asking and they say there working on it. How can a company treat there stylist this way?? So I write this not to get those poor stylist in trouble but instead to say shame on there company for treating those stylist this way I'm sure if that would of hsppen in there home or office they would if tended to it asap!!

Apr 13, 2014
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      13th of Apr, 2014

    Who are you blaming for this-------WalMart or the company that owns Smart Style? If it disgusts you so badly don't go there, and the same if it bothers the stylists they could find a different job.

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