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I have been restoring a 69 Chevelle SS for almost two years with Smoky Hill Restoration in Granbury, Texas. Finally, with the help of my attorney we got the car out of Smoky Hill Restoration last month, December 07, and moved to a new shop to complete the car. Smoky Hill Restoration in Granbury, Texas would not return all of my original parts needed to complete the car so I am now being forced to find and buy many of the original parts that Smoky Hill Restoration refused to return to me. Very expensive and hard if not almost impossible to find NOS parts for this car as so many have been restored.

Here is a link to a 55 that has been in there shop for over three years.

Very nice car and a LOT of money spent by the owner I am sure however during the time my car was there they spent hours and hours reworking things they did to this car. In my opinion, most of the work they would preform was correcting something that would not work the first time. The car looks great from the outside, don't get me wrong, but I witnessed all kinds of problems with the air bag suspension they put on it originally which they had to tear out and redo several times. I always asked a lot of questions about the car and finally realized there were some real engineering and fabrication issues that was preventing the car from every being completed. This is the same thing I found on my car. Smoky Hill Restoration put a cross member in the chassis that we beefed up to support the transmission. They engineered and fabricated the new crossmember so that to take it out you had to pull all of the carpet and dynamat out from the front floors to get to the bolts holding up the crossmember. Crazy! This is one of the first things I had to pay the shop I took the car to for final assembly to tear out and refabricate so the cross member would come out from bolts inside of the main chassis where it should have been attached in the beginning.

Hope everyone stays away from this shop.


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      Jan 25, 2010

    I worked at that shop for about three months, ending 2 weeks ago. The owners still owe me 2 weeks pay and have repeatedly put me off when I have called. I can tell you that the owner probably DOES have all of your parts in his parts warehouse...there are a lot of 69 parts in there. In my opinion, the owners are sociopaths. They are experts at gaining employees' and customers' trust then stealing them blind. There are already at least 4 outstanding cases against this shop with the Texas Workforce Commission for nonpayment of employees...tomorrow I intend to open a fifth one. These people should be in jail, and it is a travesty of the justice system that they are still free to operate a shop which is a criminal enterprise. I have also watched the cars there being mockup assembled to justify payment from the owner for work which has not been completed yet. I know where the belongings of another former employee are hidden in the parts warehouse, which the owners have repeatedly denied to return. They also are in trouble for not paying any payroll taxes...they pay their employees as independent contractors to aviod paying these, when they are not really independent at all. They are full-time employees, expected to arrive and leave at a certain time. They also work overtime often, and only get paid for the regular 40 hours. If it weren't illegal to just burn someones shop to the ground for the common good, i would have already done it. Since the law seems to protect the criminals more than the victims these days, all I can say is don't go in there. Tell your friends to stay away too.

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      Mar 04, 2010

    Everything stated above is 100% accurate. These people are crooks, Tax evaders, and destroy hard workers financially in the worst time to find a job in our profession. I too I have worked for the Harts and witness to the statements above. I left being owed several weeks of pay with unanswered phone calls and messages. The harts repeatedly take on new clients and huge deposits. After the deposit is made the customers car is torn apart quickly to show fast progress and make the customers think they are getting honest expediant work. After that the customer can look forword to the car sitting as the huge deposit is absorbed by the Harts many bebts and parts for other cars in the shop. Often times parts are said to be on back order or had to be returned when in reality they were never ordered. After so long and probably from customers wanting to see progress, cars are needlesly "mocked up" and often times painted. Many hours are wasted just to collect money. These wasted hours are paid by the customer after being lied to by saying it was all part of the process. There are cars that have been jumping from shop to shop with the Harts for close to ten years with almost no progress. Yes the Harts have had unskilled employees that have performed bad work and put smokey hill behind but the Harts allowed them to stay and work putting them further in debt and watch as horrible work was being done. Those employees left with weeks of no pay after being allowed to stay and complete the work as ordered. Later the excuse for no pay was bad work. There have also been many skilled craftsman that have completed excellent work and allowed the Harts to deliver cars to happy clients. Upon delivery final payments are made which allow the Harts to pay their bills while employees get nothing but promises based on "good faith" and "honor". The Harts have broke the financial backs of near ten good employees due to those promises. These times are very hard for our profession and the Harts take advantage of that fact. There has been near sixty employees go through smoky hill In about a years time. Nobody knows of any that have left with final or complete pay. The harts have been and are currently under investigation by the Texas worforce commision for failure to pay. While their utilities stay on and they keep making their chopper payment employees take home promises of money to their families until they can't afford gas to get to work. The harts are criminals and horrible people. One of the worst things about our "system" is that you really never have to pay anybody anything even after judgement in court. Judgements cant really be inforced and you can't get blood from a turnip. The harts know this and use it to their advantage. I know I will never get my money but if they are shut down, go broke, or put in jail it will please many honest people and that will satisfy me.

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      Apr 06, 2010

    Well, I finally got a preliminary decision from Texas Workforce Commission on my wage claim with the Harts...TWC has ruled in my favor, finding that the Harts owe me $932.00 in wages and are in violation of labor laws. Hopefully this will have a domino effect on other cases against the Harts, and some people will get their money...or maybe they will just have to go to jail. I would be thrilled either way. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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      Feb 26, 2011

    UPDATE. Everyone needs to be aware that after "closing" their business down which was technically owned by the wife they immediately opened up a new business in the exact same location under a new name "Hood County Kustoms" BE AWARE. This is still the Harts, and they are still as crooked and dishonest as ever.

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      Mar 10, 2011

    We have a business in Granbury, Texas. This is so true about this so called company, they have change their name to try to keep getting away with being CONS, and it is a CON shop. DO NOT GO THERE FOR ANY REPAIRS!! BE AWARE. We employee one of their ex employee's and he is an AWESOME tech! He has now been with us going on 3 years! He too is owed 2 weeks of wages and they, the Harts, told him it was bad workmanship, BS!!! This shop needs to be SHUT DOWN! They are CONS! It is theives like this that tarnish the reputation of this type of industry. Any questions on the complaint, feel free to call [protected], ask for Tony or Pam!!!

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