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This company took 3 weeks to deliver the product when it was purchased and paid for on Nov.6th, the refund request for my expidited shipping took 2 weeks and numorous phone calls to finally be refunded! Then the futher amount from the company has yet to be refunded the total of $69.95 within a reasonable time. The product was mailed back within the 30day money back guarantee code RMA924185. When i call to find out where my refund is, the employee states there is a problem with the machine. I have asked to speak with the manager and they refuse to transfer the call and i started to ask for a manager to call me back regarding the issue and never have received a call back, (manager always being a "krysta #812") my refund was due back to me on Nov 29th 2009, and yet no one in the company knows where my money is! On the 13 of JANUARY, the employee states my refund has been reproccesed and should be in my account with in 72 hours. well guess what? It still is not in my account! I want my full refund that is intitled to me! (And "krysta" always seems to have a BIG meeting with her supperiors about this issue!!! ) With every call I am told they will call me back, and ofcourse never do!! I have called everyday since the 29th with no results.I bet there machine works to take the money!!!

Settlement Sought: to refund my money with in 24 hours of return of product to honor the 30day 100% money back guarantee along with the attached price i paid for shipping the product both times total of $10.00...complete total of $79.95

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  • Cc
      Jan 18, 2010

    Credit Card Issuers CANNOT dispute Merchant Policies. However...

    In order to be entitled to a promised refund from the get-go, what a client needs to request from a merchant is a Note of Credit. the NoC can be a letter, a fax or an email including your NAME, CC#, AMOUNT to be credited. With that Credit Note, CC Issuers could go after the Merchants and get the money back, but they MUST be provided a valid Credit Note from merchant.

    I hope this will help you for future purchases.

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  • Cc
      Jan 18, 2010

    "CC Issuers could go after the Merchants and get the money back, but they MUST be provided a valid Credit Note from merchant. "

    Edit: Only 30 days after issual of Note of Credit.

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  • Co
      Feb 08, 2010

    Well, when there is an issue like that going on I would think you would appreciate the fact the "krysta" is in meetings trying to get it figured out. Do you think the company wants this? haha you must have never worked in sales/cs. When a company has an issue like that TRUST me ... they want it fixed too! Like they would want all the bad press and ### customers.. So Aubrey one final thing... how come when you got your refund on 1/22 you never updated to let everyone know the issue was fixed? lmao.

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