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Smith Family Homes / Problems and complaints with Smith Family Homes of Tampa

Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
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This is Marcus Smith, Vice President and executive in charge of our Home Care Team (warranty.) This may sound like a canned response to some, but it is indeed a sincere opinion and response to these complaints.

First, for 10 years now we have strived to always be the best homebuilder we could possibly be. A home is not always perfect, in fact it is one of the lat things on earth that is still hand-made! Nevertheless, we stand on the foundation of Quality, Integrity, and Excellence and do the best we can.

Unfortunately, these complaints come from one buyer in particular, who does not agree with our warranty policy, which they agreed to in our contract; but now that it is their responsibility, they do not. We have always gone above and beyond and gone the "extra mile" for homeowners, even at our own expense.

Nevertheless, the great news is that out of the few complaints our company does receive, they are usually unfounded. If they were truly our responsibility, we are the first to stand up and correct the issue. Over 10 years, it has been great to receive testimonials and letters of thanks many more times than complaints. To all our raving fans, I thank you.

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  2nd of Jul, 2008
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I am calling you out on your comment. I closed on my house 2 months ago with you guys and have had oustanding service issues that you guys promised would be taken care of. Your service department has not returned calls (or answered for that mattter) in over 1 month. When I called the contractors directly to get service, they told me that SFH put holds on all workorders because you don't have the funding. I am still getting lien notices from your unpaid contractors threatening to put a lien on my property.
As well as hearing from your contractors (multiple) that Smith Family Homes is very behind on paying their bills.
Unfortunatley for us who trusted in you, we are the ones suffering. It is clear you guys have broke your service contract and really dont care.
Tell you dad to stop the new work he's doing on his multimillion dollar 6000 sq ft house and use that money to pay his debts!
If anyone is having problems with Smith Family Homes, please contact me: ddequarto@aol.com
  17th of Jul, 2008
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We purchased our townhome in November of 2007. It's a model and Smith Family Homes is leasing it until November of this year. Today is the 17th, no rent check has arrived, I can't get ahold of anyone because no one is in the office. No one has called or e-mailed us. We are from Tampa, however we live out of state. We are about to retire and now we are faced with this nightmare. I understand the market is in trouble but what I don't understand is why the Smith Family is hiding from the people who trusted them. They have made NO attempt to contact us!!! The company phone message service is saying that Marcus is no longer with the company. What's up with that????????

Does anyone know what's going on with them?
  29th of Jul, 2008
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Smith Family Homes is going bankrupt. I don't think it's been publicized yet, but that is the story and it's been a known fact that they have not been paying their contractors for some time now. They owe the banks so much money...are millions and millions of dollars in the hole and have put any existing inventory up for sale through a realtor. They give off the impression on their website that they are still going strong but last I knew there were only a few people with the company, that being the Smith brothers.

We received a letter a couple of weeks ago that because of the hard economic times, the warranty coverage through them was no longer effective and we would have to have any outstanding issues resolved through the extended warranty company. Fortunately, they have a provision that will cover one year and new home owner issues if we have proof the builder is no longer covering it.

What ticks me off is that we were assured by Smith that any matters would be rapidly taken care of. They pressured us into closing, lied to us (this is true...we have documentation) about having matters taken care of ASAP, etc. Come on, you can't even buy a small piece of hardware? I feel sorry for some of the employees who worked hard and did as much as they could with the little resources they were given.

If it's true that Mr. Smith, Sr. is building a mansion, then that is totally wrong. I'm not sure what his stake was in the company...the sons were the main ones running the business and perhaps they are the ones who ran it into the ground. I know times are tough and that maybe they were forced to close down but do so after you do right to your customers who have already paid out their hard earned money because they will never ever recommend another product hawked by the Smith family. Even if they operate under a different name with a different kind of business, people will be checking them out, keeping an eye on them. Hopefully they will make smarter financial decisions along the way too. Yes, the economy is bad but they could have come out of this better if they had made better choices in how they sold their homes and the promos they were offering.

That's all I'm sayin'
  29th of Jul, 2008
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Here is a news article I found that just came out today.
  21st of Sep, 2008
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Smith Family officially filed for Bankruptcy a few months back. Word on the street is that Ron Smith and Family new of his agenda for Banruptcy way before anyone surmised. I suppose some attention should also be given to the rumor that Ron Smith, late last year, treated his sons to millions of dollars in SFH bonuses. (Perhaps transfer of wealth out of the corporations pocket)? Hmmm.

Well at any rate, let it be known the Ron Smith ditched his Smith Family Homes Corporation and all of its $188 million (+) dollars of debt, and reportedly opened a new corporation a few days later under "Monarch Homes".
Suffice to say, that all that bad debt will eventually be re-circulated into the economy of which we will all have a share of repaying for Mr Ron Smith.
Its just beyond me as to why there is no govt legislature/laws around corporate scams like this.

SO I say, Spread the word about Monarch homes. KEEP AWAY.
  23rd of Sep, 2008
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By theway, found out from an unamed source that this scam with Smith Family is now under the eyes of the state senate, as well as a few other high visibility state individuals. Reported Tampa bay area news teams have been trying to contact Ron Smith for an interview and he is M.I.A.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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The Smith's are a bunch of CROOKS!!! Not only did they open Monarch homes, but they also opened up Smith Family Commercial building www. smithfamilycommercial.com and they are building the same line of homes as Smith Family Homes. Marni Smith who is Ron's wife, opened up Wilderness Lake realty and guess who is running that operation: Marcus and Scott. Not to mention that they opened shop right outside of Wilderness Lake Preserve and leased property from Lindell Developers. Did we mention that they sold in Wilderness Lake Preserve and stiffed all the homeowners in their neighborhood? And they have the nerve to put up Wilderness Lake realty signs on all the spec homes as well?? What a great business plan, go bankrupt then open a real estate company and sell the very homes we built and foreclosed on and have the opportunity to get upto a 6% commission...I know that I will never buy a smith family product, regardless of the name of the company that is selling it! This is ridiculous! It's amazing they can't pay their bills but they can give themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonus money or even into the millions. Did I mention that they actually funded the 4th of july festivities at Wilderness lake under the realty company, while at the same time they default on loans, not paying their sub's or complete repairs to the home owners they promised.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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FYI, we heard that Ron has taken a 2 week vacation in NC "to clear his head"... MUST BE NICE!!! While other homeowners are paying off liens, and having to go out of pocket to repair their homes he is in NC on Vacation...
I truly hope the attorney general makes an example of these folks!
  20th of Nov, 2008
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I am not sure where you people get your information, or time at that matter to fabricated this rubbish that you write. If any of you ever have the great fortune to know any of the Smiths personally you certainly would not be writing the things. I had the great privilege to work with SFH during the good times AND BAD and I was treated with dignity and respect until I was laid off. I dealt directly with allot of the homeowner complaints and concerns and I could not believe the great lengths the company went to sometimes just to make homeowners happy. The contracts; purchase, warranty, ect. are very clear and easy to understand. It amazes me how many people just look for someone else to blame for the situation the are in. I know Ron held on as long as he could to keep the company alive, not to make a profit, but because he wanted to do the right thing. And he did! Rumor has it that NONE of the Smiths took a salary for the last year or so of operation! Show me another business owner that would do that!
As far as the subcontractors go, If your small little company failed just because one builder went under, I hope you learned your lesson. I think I heard it first around the age of 10, "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket".
In closing I will say that I know the Smiths personally and It has been an honor. Bottom line, they are good people who fell victim to a historic recession. God love them!

Feel free to email me!!
  29th of Nov, 2008
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Almost purchased a Smith inventory home, but after looking at the lack of craftmanship and quality decided to go with another family builder. I am glad I did. Ron Smith may have operated with dignity and integrity in the past, but he has strapped many small local subcontractors. He is a crook.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Smith Family is behind Wilderness Lakes Realty and they hold most of the properties that Smith defaulted on. After being lied to by the company, who walked away with our money, I hope that no one will purchase a Smith Family inventory home. They will receive commission on these homes, and I do not believe that they should benefit at others' expense. While they certainly fell victim to the real estate downturn, particularly in light of their poor business decisions, I take greater issue with the way they handled their customers at the end. Marcus Smith personally promised to return our money. In the end, he drove home to his amazing house in Seven Oaks, and we lost thousands of dollars. If they were sincerely struggling with the decision to close, they could have been honest about it. I hope that they ARE watched very closely by any government entity that can prevent them from taking advantage of any other family.
  14th of Mar, 2009
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Marcus says it was from one homeowner. He is in fairy land. I know the smiths personaly and they are a bunch of crooks. Very unethical family, liars and thieves. Do not deal with any of their companies. Once they have millions in debt, they will just close the company and open a new one. Marcus get lost.
  25th of Mar, 2009
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We bought a Smith Family Home and were initially happy with it. We has 20 something items on the punch list, but they took care of most of them. That is until we started really looking hard into the craftsmanship. I put up crown mouldings in the great room, dining room, and living room. What a job. There was not a straight wall in the house. The ceilings were almost as bad. When I complained about that the construction manager, Bob, got mad at me and hung up. He said that I was being too picky. When you pay over 200k for a home you have the right to be picky. I think that the worst part is that they advertised on the JOYFM, a great Christian radio station. That was one of the reasons that we looked at them. We'll be more careful next time.
  21st of Mar, 2010
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Does anyone know of any class action suit against SFH because I want in, after two potential homes and five site managers later and schedule delays, wrong floor plans and kitchen installations, and poor communications from them, we canx our contract and they kept our 25000 dollar deposit!

They are the worst builder I have ever dealt with. They left the subdivision and empty lots on Suncaost Lakes and ran. They are cowards and should not be in the Real Estate buisness at all!

In my mind they owe a lot of people money, and should make good on their promises. IF anyone is thinking og buying in SL or WL do not use SFH or it's realtors for anything.

Stay Far Far Away!
  26th of May, 2010
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We own a Smith Family Home and I now find out we along with a neighbor have chinese drywall.
  25th of Jun, 2010
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TO TONY F...just to correct you...they did ALL take checks and still do just under a different name--I worked their accounting for years until I could not take the LIES and double dealings...perhaps you should have looked a little closer in the office!
  25th of Jun, 2010
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They are a bunch of scams---I hope everyone realizes they pulled a fast one---Mrs Smith is a realtor and the "boys" are selling...so they work out deals and don't give all th einformation to the buyer--such as chinese drywall. As for the mansion the Smith's built--very true...you the buyer paid for it..and this is not the first one they built--Marcus' house is full of upgrades that he muscled out of vendors--promised them work if they did these upgrades for him--same with Ron's house...as for the craftmenship..how can they build a good house they couldn't keep their employees...SFH promised bonuses and when it was time to pay they would fire the staff...always a week before bonus was to be paid---there have a few employees that took them to court--and WON. I know I worked there --back when they were still on Eisenhower. DO NOT believe anything that comes out of a Smith's mouth!!!

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