Smith and Wollensky / Poor food, presentation and overall experience

1 United States

With great excitement our family all gathered at Smith and Wollensky Eastgate, the same way we always did in the past. We live far from each other and this is a central point for us. We all love a great steak and couldn't wait to experience the new Smith and Wollensky in the recently added entertainment area. There are few words to describe our absolute shock and disappointment. What happened to the once classy and elegant restaurant? The table cloths were dirty, service was poor and slow. Very few of the dishes were available and this was only communicated to us once our order has been placed and even after some food has been served. Our food was slapped onto plates with no garnish on the plate or any attention paid to the composition. The managers and staff weren't helpful and didn't know how to handle this situation.

We left disillusioned, our precious Sunday afternoon wasted and tainted by the memory. Word of mouth is extremely powerful and I want to guarantee you that this restaurant won't make it much longer if this is what they are going to offer valued clients in future. I feel sorry for the restaurant owner who might think he has a reliable team over there!


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