Smile Bright /Premium White USA / Teeth whitening ad (bogus)

1 Aurora, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 866-528-6214

This company goes by a few names: PremiumWhite USA (and Canada, NewZealand, UK, etc.) When they charge your credit card it's SmileBright.
I saw the ad for $2.95 trial offer for teeth whitener - I checked the box indicating I did NOT want to continue beyond the trial offer but they immediately charge my Visa for $86.93 twice and again 3 weeks later for a total of $260.79 Even if I had ordered the monthly product it was supposed to be around $40. a month, not $87. After the initial trial tube of whitener for $2.95, I received NO product at all. When I called they said they'd credit my card but did not. They said they'd already mailed out my product-nothing ever arrived. I've had to dispute all three charges with my Visa company. This is a very sneaky and disruptable company if you ask me.
I even wrote to the TodayShow (where I saw the ad) and told them they shouldn't allow this company to advertise on their site. I stupidly assumed if I saw the ad on the Today Show site it was a good company - obviously it has nothing to do with anything.
p.s. It's a lot cheaper to just go to the dentist for whitening.

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