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so was ready to give this high rated dealership 5 stars but my experience was far from 5 stars...I was in a fender bender a few weeks ago and of course I had full coverage so i was good on that part and my adjuster recommended Smicklas Chevrolet to do the repairs so I was like cool. Took my truck in got the estimate paid my deductible. They asked me what kind of LOANer vehicle I needed and I told them I preferred a truck in case I needed to haul something. Well they had a truck held for me but ended up giving it away to a disgruntled customer. no hard feelings I took what they had available and went on my merry way. They put me in a 3 row traverse and didn't bother to tell me about the "auto stop" not every human being knows about this and yes I brought it back irate and demanded another vehicle but the mechanic and service people told me what it was and I was like okay so there's nothing wrong with it they said no so I was like okay and went on my way again. Through the whole process I was messaged via text on where they was at. They told me everything that they had to replace. For some reason they replaced my Xenon HID 12K Conversion kit. I told them when I dropped it off that the bulbs were working fine and I just wanted them transferred to the new headlight housing they said okay well they replaced them because they said there were broke...and anything they find broke that may have been caused by the collision they replace so I said okay. Well the whole time Kellie messaged she kept saying LED light kit and I had to correct her and say NO they are HID well all week long we went back and forth and I was so distraught I emailed the GM about and he emailed back saying he would look into it and also called me and left a message explaining the mix up and terminology. I was cool no big deal. They reassured me that they put EXACTLY what I had in my truck back on it...I said okay.. Well I went and picked my truck up today. We walked out and inspected my truck. I opened my driver door put all my belongings I had with me from work in my truck and popped the hood and was looking for tape lines and over spray. I was really amazed by the job they did I was happy... I got my paperwork and left there heading straight to the gym and I get there and was going to get my gym bag out of passengers side and my door wont open!!! at all! the door was unlocked and I tried the door and NOTHING.. I was like my damn door handle is broke! So I called the dealership explaining what I had discovered and Gene said it was highly unlikely that they broke it and said they would take a look at it but they would charge me for that and labor fixing it. While I was on the phone with him the detail guy walks in and he asked him if he was able to open the passenger door and he says no he had to crawl in through the drivers side. THAT WAS [censor]ING HORSE [censor]! my door was FINE when I dropped it. Some careless [censor] yanked the handle and [censor]ing broke it!!! I then discover after my workout when I go to leave in my truck it was about dark that my [censor]ing headlights are BRIGHT [censor]ING PINK????? I had 12, 000K Cobalt Blue bulbs in my conversion kit and they assured me that was what they put back on it which clearly wasnt! 30, 000K is Exotic Pink on the Kelvin Color Chart! With all this said! If you take your vehicle to this [censor]ing place make damn SURE you inspect take pictures and or video of everything on your vehicle before you hand over the keys! These careless [censor]ers broke my door handle and lied to me about breaking it! Guess this was why they waived my oil change fee for breaking my [censor]ing door! I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE MY VEHICLE BACK TO THEM EVER!!! BEWARE! The only thing nice I can say is about one person and that was Layla. She at least tried her hardest to help me in any way shape or form. I am sure she didn't know of my door handle being broken or not but you would think a name like Smicklas Chevrolet they would be straight up and honest with you about breaking your [censor]! Guess not! #NEVERAGAIN

Smicklas Chevrolet
Smicklas Chevrolet
Smicklas Chevrolet

Nov 24, 2017

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