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SMC / No way of getting visitors to your store!

1 United States

I decided to call smc after seeing a commercial late at night, it sounded like a good idea. At first, they were real nice (before they had my money) and seemed to be very helpful in making a desicion. They made it all sound so good I decided to get almost everything I could, and ended up spending over $10, 000 with smc. At first I was excited to have everything up and running, but then I realized I was getting no visitors to the store at all (and I didn't sign up to sell products physically or I wouldn't have spent so much on the store!) So I decided to ask about this and turns out they have no true way of getting people to your store, which means I'm basically floating around with a $10, 000 webstore in space.) The only thing he told me about was passing out more catalogs and gift cards (trying to get more money) and how I was on the search engines. Big deal, so is absolutely everybody else and it never generated one hit to the store.

I was ready to give up on everything until I spoke with a gentlemen from about marketing and advertising the store (I did make sure to stay away from ecommerce and everyone else on the smc fraud alert list, already had bad experiences with them. Anyway, he gets to telling me that the $10, 000.00 was easily recoverable with the help of his firm, at first I was very leary (being that I just lost $10, 000). But I decided to invest with this man and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! I never wouldv'e made a dime, let alone any of my money back using smc alone.

So to all the discouraged smc owners out there: DO NOT GIVE UP! It is possible, just not with smc alone, they still provide good products and sites, but people to store are the most important thing.

My advice, find the right company to advertise and market for you. I have since recovered my money spent with smc and have much more in my pocket. I wish the same to all of you!

God Bless


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