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I have purchased something from website and they took my money. Later when I found out that SmartyKoo was a Hong Kong based company I decided to cancel my order. I had very bad experience with Chinese companies, so did not want to risk.
I contacted SmartyKoo and asked them to cancel my order but they refused. Later they did something that I was no longer able to log into my account.
This is the most terrible company I have ever dealt with!! Never again!

Oct 04, 2016
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  • Sm
      Oct 05, 2016

    This complaint is unwarranted. Customer requested cancellation after the order had already been processed and shipped. We informed the customer about this and that if they didn't need the product they could return for a full refund. All of the necessary info was available to the customer on the site before purchasing. If customer was biased about purchasing from an overseas company, they could have easily read this on our site to make an informed decision. If you'd like honest verified reviews about our service, you can view them on Trustpilot page at the below link.

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  • Mo
      Apr 26, 2017

    @SmartyKoo So far this is a copy and paste reply for almost all the complaints. Own up to your crappy process. The bad reviews are going to keep coming. Really. If you say 2 weeks, then ship it in 2 weeks or you will have a lawsuit on your hands.

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  • Us
      Jun 07, 2017

    @MooMoo1421 So, you think that you can make orders and once orders have been posted you can just easily cancel the order? What you need to do is to receive the order and then send it back for a refund. And why would it matter where the product is coming from? Smartykoo have a 6 month replacement warranty period on all electronic goods, their standard delivery is 6 to 12 days, priority delivery is 5 to 9 and express delivery is 2 to 4 days. What more do you want? You said you couldn't log into your account? what does that have to do with the price of fish? I know for a fact that Smartkoo will accept returns and if they are able to cancel an order before it ships, then they will do so. You are just sounding needlessly angry and threatening. A lawsuit? really? Unbelievable.

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  • Zx
      Nov 08, 2018

    I paid for $60 headphones over a month ago and the tracking page says its not in the system yet. They are not replying to emails. I don't know why User Sky is complaining about a complaint - sounds like he has had no life experience. Not being able to log in after requesting a refund is a red alert to a scam site. Chinese companies are renowned for providing terrible customer service - its wise not to deal with them. I don't know if I'll ever receive a response or the headphones. I would not have ordered them if I thought there would be a month + delay. I would have purchased headphones somewhere else by now. A lawsuit sounds like a rational outcome.

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