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SmartMove Auto / Awful company

1 7310 Jonesboro Road, Morrow Georgia 30260Denver, CO, United States Review updated:
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When I initially purchased a car from this place in august of 07. I was told that the car had a minor problem and would be repaired, but in the meantime I could drive a loaner car. After driving the loaner car for two months while still paying my car note on time, no one mentioned the status of the car that I initially signed for. I asked the salesmen 'Neal' who sold me the car for the corporate office number and he refused so therefore I called the decatur location to get the corporate office number. Dennis at corp. promised me that more problems was going on with the car but that it would be completed within two days.

Exactly eleven days after getting my car, I was coming out of a busy shopping plaza during the rush lunch hour on Atlanta's westside and as I attempted to turn to my left onto the busy street, the steering wheel gave completely out on me leaving me with NO control of the wheel. I was sitting in the middle of the street with traffic coming from both ways. However, all cars came to a halt to keep from crashing into me. I was terrified & in tears because I was new on my job and on my lunch hour. I backed the car back into the plaza allowing it to maneuver itself in which it ended up rolling over a curb and into the grass with half on the street.

A local mechanic had witnessed the whole ordeal. He came over and after explaining to him what happened, he took a look under the car and informed me that the tie rod and racket pionion had fallen completely off! Smartmove's tow guy took over an hour getting there, i had to leave the car. from that point i drove seven more loaner cars while still paying my bill ON TIME before finally requesting for a car that was being driven by one of their employees because i figured they would be driving the non lemons. I too had issues getting the tag because the car was still registered in the previous owners name & to add insult to injury, after paying a three hundred dollar car note on a Wednesday, the very next night during the eleven o'clock hour after filling the gas tank up, the car wouldn't start.

I had to leave the car at the gas station where the crime rate is high only to be informed the next day that because the car was still registered in the previous owners name, smartmove thought that she had not paid her bill and so therefore they turned the car off. They did not want to issue me a loaner car in order for them to repair the car so that I could get my tag. I wrote the corporate office and got results. However, I still had to pay for the emissions test. The emissions tech told me that smartmove auto was not suppose to let me drive off the lot without the emissions. when i mentioned it to smartmove they gave me my money back.

After writing Mr. Laliberte at the corp office, he forwarded the email to his manager Sakis here at the McDonough, Georgia location who then forwarded the email to Linda Robinson at the Morrow location. I went into Linda's office five times after that and each time I went to pay my bill she brought the email up and she was obviously very bitter about it because after she would complete a transaction she would say..'now email that to Brian!' I remained civil. Mr. Laliberte & Sakis cause a hostile environment in doing this.

The previous manager Tom told me that after paying my car note in a timely manner after one year that I could trade the car in. I have been paying smartmove ON TIME for over one year now and they refuse to honor their commitment, they will not allow me to trade the car in. I wrote the Chief Operating Officer of smartmove auto in Denver, Co (Brian Laliberte) on august 26th to ask him to explain their trade-in policy to me and to this day he has not followed up with me.

Every car on the lot at this location is a lemon. Neal was the average 'nice' salesman until I signed on the dotted line and after that he practically gave me his butt to kiss because he became extremely rude and sarcastic. Sakis had to give me the lemon I am driving now because when he asked someone where my original car was, the lot guy said with me standing there that it was at another location with the motor sitting on the ground. I travel to work every single day on a wing and prayer in hopes that this transmission doesn't fail on me before income tax come around.

I am a single parent and I am handicapped, I MUST have a good car. The transmission dealer wants two thousand, six hundred and forty-four dollars to repair it, God knows I do not have that kind of money. I am very disappointed that Mr. Laliberte have ignored my email considering the fact that I did not seek an attorney when the first car almost caused me my LIFE! I guess it wasn't a SMARTMOVE after all.

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  • Ms
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    I have had Issues with Smart Move Auto. I would not recommend ANY ONE to purchase a car from Smart Move auto.

  • Di
      30th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I absolutely agree. I purchased a used car from Smart Move Auto- Sandy Springs location in Oct '08 and I am still having problems with the car and the dishonest salesmen and their promises. I would definetely NOT RECOMMEND Smart Move to anyone!!!

  • Ne
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    My car was recently totaled by another driver, TG! I am finally out of my contract. The car had a NADA value of $4900, but Smart Move charged $9995. The appraisal came out to be $4086. What people do not know is, Smart Move does not report to the CB's and you will not have a repossession if the car is returned, as they threaten. I was told that I could come and get another car, but I do not want another car from them. That car was sent to be fixed 5 times in a 2 month period, but it continueds to cut-off. It was not until I got a second opinion at another car lot was I told the car needed a major tune up and another induction filter, cost $585.00. I was lied to by the sales manager that the car had a major tune up. I have also wrote to the BBB on the company. I would not advise anyone to get a car from the company. They are very nasty and do not care about their customers after they get your money!

  • Ev
      12th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also purchased a car from Smart Move Auto. Just let me say that I have had everything fixed on that car except for the transmission. Do they care No! They still want thier money. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM!!!

  • Nb
      20th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I now have a problem with apparently they went out of business. I found this out when i tried to pay my car payment over the phone and it kept going straight to voice mail. I do not want my car to be repo'ed but I'm at a loss as to what i should do. Any ideas??

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