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The terms and conditions regarding the issuance of the 30 day period between receiving rebate coupons is not made clear in the initial registration document sent to customers. I was initially voided from the program (later reinstated) because the company said they had "received" my coupon in the mail less than 30 days from the previous one. I had been told by a customer service rep that if I sent in the coupons before the 10th of each month, the coupons would be honored. When I was voided from the program the company rep said that was not the policy...the policy was that they had to receive the coupons in the mail 30 days or more apart from the previous one. How can the consumer know when the company receives it's mail?
After reinstatement, I've now been voided again, as they've said I went to 2 different gas stations, which is not true.

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  • Cd
      Oct 12, 2011

    The same thing just happened to me. I was told they received my coupon in less than 30 days. I have my certified receipts showing they were sent 30 days apart. One was sent on a Thursday and they received on Monday due to the weekend. The second was sent on a Saturday and received on Tuesday. Because the mail does not get delivered on Sunday, I get canceled???

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  • De
      Oct 18, 2011

    Was given a rebate certificate for $300 in gas rewards as a "thanks" for attending a sales presentation for a travel company. Followed all the directions to get the rebate certificates including sending them in using certified mail. The first was sent Thursday, 8/25/11. Received the $25 monthly rebate check and next certificate. Sent this one by certified mail 30 days later on Friday, 9/24/11. When my check did not come for some time, contacted customer service on 10/12/11 and was told I didn't get it because they RECEIVED my rebate in less than 30 days. Due to the weekend, they are claiming the first rebate was received in 5 days and the second was received in 3 days, therefore making me ineligible because they received it in less than 30 days and canceling the remainder of the $300 rebate. No where in their paperwork does it say 30 days between the rebates being RECEIVED. The paperwork says that only one coupon may be redeemed within a 30-day period. I have proof via the certified mail receipts that I SENT the second rebate 30 days apart. This is a flat out scam. Who has control of the mail? All I know is I sent it 30 days later. Was told a supervisor would contact me in 24 - 48 hours. On 10/17/11, I called again since no one called me back. Was again told I would get a call back. Finally got a call back and was told because they RECEIVED my 2nd rebate with less than 30 days between, I was not null and void and would get no further rebates. I again stated that I had the certified receipts showing that I had sent them 30 days apart to which Jennifer replied "you are null and void because we received them in less than 30 days apart". I perceived her to be very curt and rude in her tone.

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