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SmartFax Email to Fax Services / Service

1 WY, United States
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The first issue is that the fax service faileed to send 3 individual faxes of a resume. I was told by Michael that the system administrator was working on the issue. I sent a 4th fax and received a confirmation of delivery. I did not for the first 3. That was when I contacted their live chat dept. Michael stated they had a problem and the system administrator was working on it and that the system administrator would contact me after the problem was repaired, but would not call until Saturday due to the fact it was after 10 pm when i first contacted them, but either way (faxes successfully sent or not) I would receive a confirmation email for the 3 faxes. If i did not, to call back or use the live chat option on Saturday. Then on Saturday, when i did not receive any call back or any confirmation email, I chatted with Sony, who continuously lied to me. Sony could not find any documentation of the three faxes (which I had used my email box and had a copy sent to my inbox as proof). The three faxes were just gone. He could not give me any guarantee that the faxes were or were not sent; nor could he contact to determine if the faxes were sent. Then I called the call center and actually spoke with Michael, who denied that he had told me someone would call me back. He then proceeded to tell me that the three original faxes must have been unsuccessfully sent prior to our live chat the previous nite. Michael did admit that there was still issues with the confirmation email program and that they were working on it, but that the reason i did not receive a confirmation was that my email address was not entered into my account. I disputed this as the 4th fax I sent prior to my live chat on 7/25/08 did issue and receive an email confirmation. When I confronted him with this information, he denied that I received a confirmation email. When I asked him about when a system administrator was going to call me as promised on Saturday. He again denied that he ever said that. He also stated that a supervisor could call me on Sunday. Then 2 sentences later, he stated that no supervisors worked on the weekends. When I asked him if that was true then how was a supervisor was going to call me back on Sunday, Michael stated that the supervisor woudl call me from their home, then about 5 minutes later, he stated that a supervisor would not be able to contact me until Monday. Meanwhile, I was still chatting with Sony online and I confronted him with what Michael had said about the email delivery program still having issues. Sony initially denied this as well. he also stated that on the account settings the number of minutes shown indicates the number of pages sent. One additional page would be sent with each fax as a cover page, but at no time would I be charged for the cover page. So for example if I sent a document with 3 pages the number of minutes would be 3. The confirmation email would indicate 4 pages were sent (again one as a cover page). Additionally, he stated that he would have to have someone call me back to determine if the three misssing faxes were sent or not. Today I sent 3 faxes again all the same document, in fact, to the same fax numbers as on Friday, a total of 4 pages plus 1 page for SmartFax cover page (=5 pages total). The first fax number shows on the account log as 4 minutes = 4 pages which was correct, but the confirmation email indicated 7 pages. the second fax sent was again 4 pages but showed on the account log as 3 minutes = 3 pages which was incorrect, but again the confirmation email indicated 7 pages. the third fax sent was again 4 pages but showed on the account log as 2 minutes = 2 pages which was incorrect, but again the confirmation email indicated 7 pages. I contacted live chat and was connected with "Rusty" who said he sent test faxes from my fax number (which never showed up) on the account log or in any confirmation emails. He was insistant that the correct number of pages were sent but could and would not provide any proof nor could or would he provide any explaination of the discrepancy. At this time I have no resolution, nor any hope of any resolution. I have lost out on 5 possible jobs using this company's fax service. I spent 6 hours on 3 online chats and still have no answers. I have yet to hear from anyone. I dont recommend using this company. I would use anyone else but SmartFax. I will keep you apprised of any further developments.


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