Smart Travel & Incentivies, Inc. / Rip off price

My wife and I listened to a sales pitch from World Resorts International with the promise of a free cruise and airline tickets. Their sales pitch offered very little in the way of price comparisons but the one price (for an Alaskan cruise) that I was given I compared with others on-line, after I returned home, and found it to be higher that I could have obtained on my own without the expensive travel club expenses.

We did get certificates for the “free” cruise and airline flights via Smart Travel & Incentives, Inc. I sent in a “refundable” deposit of $174 for the vouchers that required my getting a money order ($1.10 fee) and visiting the post office to send via certified mail ($4.00 fees). After waiting for the vouchers, we then obtained a whole list of restrictions. After finding a cruise compatible with all the restrictions and with the lowest price schedule, we submitted the travel voucher. A while later we received their quote for the “free” cruise. For a carnival cruise that I could book on-line for $1415.08 (two people, 7-night, all fees and taxes), Smart Travel wanted $1453.08 for the “free” cruise – on the same ship, the same time, the same itinerary, et cetera. I did receive a partial refund for $134 (if the check doesn’t bounce) but lost mucho time and $45.10 in monies dealing with Smart Travel. And this doesn’t include our time with World Resorts International.

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